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Rally to oppose NHS pay proposals in the South West

NHS workers from across the South West took part in the march in Bristol Photo: ITV West

"No cuts, fight for every job" read the banners, as around five hundred NHS workers gathered in Bristol to take part in a protest march. They're unhappy that NHS trusts and hospitals from across the Westcountry have joined the South West Pay Consortium, which is reviewing staff terms and conditions.

It could mean changes to pay and working hours, as well as annual leave and sickness entitlement.

People attended from all over the South West. They were there to call on the 19 trusts involved to withdraw from the so-called cartel and adhere to national pay, terms and conditions.

Unions believe the proposals could make it harder to retain and recruit staff.

Hilary Hancock is from the Royal College of Nursing Union. She said: "We know that the South West is a really expensive place to live, we know that people in the south west deserve the best possible care but if they're not going to pay people the same as they are elsewhere then staff in the South West won't want to stay here and it will be really difficult to recruit more."

Jeanette Martin from the Royal College of Nursing told us: "It's going to affect about 68 thousand people who work for the NHS. The NHS is one of the major employers in the South West and if people's terms and conditions are cut, if their salaries are cut then they will start to look outside of the region for jobs and they will move. We're already seeing that starting to happen."

One trust has pulled out of the consortium - the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Health Trust. Unions are hoping others will now follow suit.