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Animal rescue appeal

The Vale Wildlife Hospital is looking after more than 200 hedgehogs Photo: ITV West

The Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury has been inundated with hedgehogs in recent weeks. Many of them are at death's door. The charity is currently looking after more than 200 of the animals.

Caroline Gould, who manages the rescue centre says that in the whole of 2012 the centre dealt with 1,219 hedgehogs, an increase of 500 on the year before. The problem is not just confined to Gloucestershire, animal rescue centres around the country are seeing the same thing.

"The main reason," she says, "is the wet weather has been ideal for lots of slugs which hedgehogs do like to eat."

The problem is that the slugs carry parasites which lead to disease, and without treatment a lot of the hedgehogs will die.

The Vale treats the hedgehogs with antibiotics as well as worming tablets.

The rain caused flooding at the New Start Cat Rescue Centre near Gloucester Credit: ITV West

The recent bad weather has also caused problems at the New Start Cat Rescue Centre near Gloucester. Today the local scout group and other volunteers were all mucking in to help after the centre was hit by flooding before Christmas. Fortunately they didn't lose any animals, but they need to build flood defences to prevent further problems in the future.

Wendy Grinell, who helps to run the cat rescue centre says:

"We've decided to build a wall around the cat cages because they were approximately four or five inches under water and we had to evacuate in the early hours of the morning so we're building a wall as a flood defence so it doesn't happen again."

The cattery is home to more than 400 rescue cats and the charity is currently being asked to house more strays than ever before.

Wendy says, "Because of the recession we're getting a lot of people who are losing their homes and they can't keep their animals, it's really sad."

They are now asking kind-hearted members of the public to donate bedding, food and money to keep up with the demand.

Details of how you can donate can be found on their website.