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The Mayor's trust fund plans: your views

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson was elected in November 2012 Photo: PA

The Bristol Mayor George Ferguson says he will contribute £1000 a month from his salary to the fund, which starts in April. His budget was passed in a council meeting last night (Tuesday 26 February) and includes cuts of £35 million.

He's got £1000 spare every month? Perhaps he should start looking at his own salary and cut that!

– Lisa Shahin

Good for him to give the help. If all the rich did what he is doing the world would be a better place.

– Maxine Hancock

Can I have a go at the mayor job? It would be lovely to be able to give all that away and still have a good standard of living.

– Jacqueline Wright

The rich pay more! Yes! At last! That's what we want, isn't it?

– Kate Burrows

Let's get a fair means testing system in and then the rich have no option but to contribute more.

– Kevan Bowyer