Bristol designer becomes internet sensation

James Murray paints people's wacky visions using Microsoft Paint Photo: ITV News

When James Murray posted a status on his Facebook page asking for suggestions for things to draw on Paint, little did he know that within two weeks his request would go viral.

His blog, Jim'll Paint It, states: "I am here to make your wildest dream a reality, using nothing but Microsoft Paint". Perhaps because his service is free the response has been phenomenal.

"Just absolutely mind-blowing," James says, "That was a week and three days ago and since then I've had 53 thousand followers. Just mind-blowing."

The requests he's received have varied from the bizzarre to the positively surreal.

Highlights include his portrayal of Nigella Lawson eating a plate of Pentium 4 Processors with metal teeth, while drinking battery acid. He's also completed a picture of Anthony Worrall Thompson attempting to steal from a pet shop while Ted Danson can be seen getting into a fight with his own lookalike.

"I've been asked to paint the Meaning of Life which was quite a strange one, I've been asked to paint Rolf Harris's garden shed based black hole singularity. Some of them are just completely impossible. I mean I could try, but I don't think I'd do a very good job"

He's certainly done a good job of his first 25 commissions, but with a full time job and six thousand more requests he wants to find a way of making money out of his new hobby.

"I've had quite a few people requesting T-shirts, requesting prints and hopefull I'll be able to do it full time in the future - who knows?"

For now though, it's back to the drawing board and today's piece, Jarvis Cocker dressed as a fireman. The mind boggles. You can log onto James's site here: