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Boy racks up £1000 iTunes bill after playing game

A young boy from North Somerset has managed to rack up a bill of nearly £1000 after his parents left him playing a computer game on an iPad.

Earlier this month we told you about a five year old who'd spent £1700 for extra software to help him play a game.

Now, the parents of 8 year old Theo Rowland-Fry have been caught out in exactly the same way.

Richard Payne has the story:

How to protect yourself against in-app purchases (IAPs):

  • Turn off IAPs on your device and require a passcode to turn them back on. On an iPhone, go to Settings, tap General, then Restrictions, and then set an unlock code. Also, scroll down to the In-App Purchases switch and slide to off.
  • Put the device in "airplane" mode, or otherwise turn off internet access.
  • Require the account password whenever any purchase is made (be it an IAP or a new app).
  • Put your app store account on a gift card instead of linking to a credit card, so any download damage is limited to a specific amount.
In app purchases are big business for software companies. Credit: ITV News West Country

Earlier this month, five-year-old Danny Kitchen from Cadbury Heath near Bristol racked up a bill of £1700. Apple eventually refunded the money. Here's Robert Murphy's report: