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The email telling couples their wedding is cancelled

Chewton Place in Keynsham. Photo: ITV News

Below are extracts from an email sent by weddings organiser Rebecca Boazeat-Manzi, of Bozeat Palmer Contracts Ltd, to her clients.

Dear Bride and Groom,

I’m afraid I am writing with very bad news and I just don’t know how to break it to you gently so please forgive me. Forgive me also for writing and not calling however I hope you understand we need to inform everyone as quickly as we can.

The directors of Longcap Developments Limited, the owners and Landlords of Chewton Place are forcing us to leave by 10th April 2013 meaning that we will not be able to run your wedding at Chewton Place. ...

... Please understand that we are unable to see any clients in person and we are also expecting a very high volume of communication and so cannot guarantee we will be able to take phone calls or answer your email immediately but we will as soon as possible.

I know how I would feel I were you receiving this news as I am sure you will understand how we feel having worked so hard, passionately and successfully to build Chewton Place back up only to become unemployed again.

We wish you every best luck and our thoughts and hearts are with you at this very difficult time, please believe me when I say we tried everything to prevent this.