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Hinkley Construction Delayed

Union leaders have warned there was "no prospect" of construction work starting this year at a planned new nuclear power station in Somerset, amid continuing delays in agreeing a price for electricity produced from the site.

"It now looks like there is no prospect of starting construction this year at Hinkley Point C. They won't start building in the winter. All this is down to the delay in fixing the strike price.

– Gary Smith, GMB

French giant EDF Energy announced this week it was reducing the number of workers at its Hinkley Point C project in Somerset as negotiations continue with the Government over the so-called strike price.

Sources said there would be "significant" reductions among the 800-strong workforce, with speculation that around 200 employees will be laid off.

Preparatory work on the site has been completed and EDF is waiting to agree the strike price with the Government before construction work can start.