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"One Born Every Minute" comes to Bristol

Now it's not everyones cup of tea but many mothers are choosing to have the birth of their child filmed as part of a documentary being made at a hospital in Bristol.

The hugely popular One Born Every Minute is shooting its fifth series at Southmead Hospital and hoping to document some of the 6,000 births that take place there each year.

The "One Born Every Minute" crew in action at Southmead Hospital Credit: ITV News West Country

One mother was already a fan of the show and happy to take part. Baby Bethany is now five weeks old - but just over a month ago she was making her way into the world right in front of the "One Born Every Minute" cameras. Naomi Pocock says they were so discreet she wasn't even aware of them filming - although she did have other things on her mind at the time!

Five weeks ago Naomi Pocock was giving birth to little Bethany right in front of the cameras Credit: ITV News West Country

Katie Rowlett was allowed into Southmead Hospital to see the crew in action and to meet some of the tiny stars.

Here's her report.

The One Born Every Minute team are looking for more mothers-to-be from the region to take part in filming.

If you are a pregnant mum due anytime between now and Christmas please contact them on their website or give them a call on0117 9593238 for a chat in complete confidence.

They are looking for people planning to give birth at Southmead or Cossham Hospitals but are also interested in home births in the Bristol area.

If you are expecting and and would like to be filmed for "One Born Every Minute" the team would like to hear from you Credit: Channel Four