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Forecasters predict big storms

A deep and intense area of low pressure is heading towards the South West this weekend ready to unleash powerful winds and a lot of rain this coming Sunday into Monday.

There's still some uncertainty around the exact track the deep depression will take. If it stays on its current path you can expect to be woken up by howling winds in the early hours of Monday.


The Amber Warning issued by the Met Office covers the whole of our region. Be prepared for gales on coasts and hills with gusts touching 80mph - strong enough to cause some structural damage and blow debris around.


Heavy rain will also be falling on saturated ground from the rain over recent days, which could lead to surface flooding and plenty of road spray making Monday's morning commute a very difficult drive.


If you see autumn leaves piling up around drains near your house it's best to move them away, if it is safe to do so, as this could cause flooding if left to lie in layers across the drain.


This is very much a developing story and one best to keep a firm eye on, especially as we approach Sunday. You can do this by checking with the Met Office and also the Environment Agency

The big question no one can answer with great confidence is, will it be bigger than the great storm of 87? What we do know is there will be a very stormy period of weather.

The safest and best way to watch it will be from the warmth of your home. Watch out for my tweets over the weekend for all the latest developments. @alexberesfordTV

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