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Open auditions for new Star Wars film in Bristol today

Disney are holding open auditions in Bristol today and tomorrow for a 'major movie' said to be the new Star Wars film.

Disney released an open casting call for two actors - one to play a teenage girl, 'Rachel', aged 17-18 and one to play a young man, 'Thomas', aged 19-23.

Although the movie in name has not been mentioned, it has been suggested the auditions are for the latest instalment of the multi-billion pound space franchise, which is expected to be filmed at Pinewood Studios early next year. It's due to be released in December 2015.

JJ Abrams, the film's director, will not be at the auditions today Credit: Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Bristol isn't a total stranger to the Star Wars franchise. David Prowse, the original actor who played Darth Vadar, hails from Southmead in Bristol. The 78 year old's Bristol accent featured in the original filming of scenes, but was later re-dubbed by American actor James Earl Jones for its 1977 release. Prowse has continued to attend numerous Star Wars conventions over the years.

JJ Abrams - the man responsible for rebooting the Star Trek franchise - will be in the director's chair for Episode VII - though he won't be present at the audition.

The auditions are from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Arnolfini Centre but, if you're planning on trying your luck, expect queues.

The casting agency have been bombarded with questions on their Facebook page, so have compiled these answers to some of the FAQ's:

  • You don't have to prepare anything.

  • Just a meet and greet at this stage, so no need to contact me to ask how you apply, just show up.

  • You should bring a head shot - doesn't have to be professional.

  • Any clear picture will do. Any size/colour is OK

  • You only have to come on one day, you will be in the room for five minutes, this is not a workshop - be prepared for queues.

  • There are two venues in one day as we have a team, so one in Glasgow, one in Manchester etcGirls, you must be 16 or over on the day of the audition - not 16 in two weeks/2 days etc. * On the day you MUST be 16 or over. Boys, same rule but 18.

  • We will not be doing meetings via Skype/online/video/audio clips - if you can't make the meeting, you won't be considered.

  • If I haven't covered any of your questions please ask on Facebook but read all the information first.