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Meet Wallace & Gromit's biggest fan

Andrew's 'Newshound' sculpture takes pride of place in his living room. Photo: ITV News West Country

Andrew May is more than just a fan of Wallace and Gromit. He is an avid collector. In his attic are 300 packing cases, filled with more than 6,000 items of memorabilia.

But his greatest prize is a huge Newshound sculpture that he paid £50,000 for at a recent auction in Bristol, which raised more than £2.3 million for the Bristol Children's Hospital.

Andrew's shelves are packed with Wallace & Gromit memorabilia. Credit: ITV News West Country

Andrew's collection is valued at more than £150,000 so he doesn't want to reveal where he lives.

But he says that he will carry on collecting as long as new Wallace & Gromit items carry on being made.

It was this £5 paper clip holder from the film The Wrong Trousers which started Andrew's collecting habit. Credit: ITV News West Country

Putting my collection on public display would be lovely.

But I think I would worry so much, because these are very tactile items, you just want to pick them up, and I would worry about other people wanting to pick up my items!

– Andrew May, Wallace & Gromit collector

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