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Anger over ancient bones display at Stonehenge

Druids are angry ancient stones have been put on display in Stonehenge's new visitor centre Photo: ITV News West Country

Protesters began their demonstrations outside the new visitor centre at Stonehenge just minutes after it opened for the first time this morning and the first visitors had entered the building.

Druids want to see the bones returned to their original resting place Credit: ITV News West Country

With chants of 'don't pay walk away' and 'remove the bones, give them back' a small group of around 50 were the early attraction for people heading to see the new exhibitions and take a trip to the historic stones.

Leader of the protestors, Arthur Pendragon wants the human remains used in the exhibition returned to the ground

English Heritage say their position is consistent with current museum practice across the UK.

'The three sets of human remains have been in the care of scholarly institutions for at least 10 years and do not include any freshly excavated material.

All three sets have been scientifically dated. Two sets are over 5,000 years old and one set is around 4,500 years old.

– English Heritage

Jonty Messer reports from Stonehenge:-

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