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League star Burgess signs for Bath Rugby Club

Sam Burgess is moving to Bath after it agrees to pay £500,000 to release him from his contract in Australia. Photo: PA

Bath Rugby have announced the signing of rugby league superstar Sam Burgess on a three-year contract.

Burgess’ club, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, were reportedly offered a £500,000 transfer fee to release him from his contract two years early

The Rabbitohs are owned by the movie star, Russell Crowe.

Sam Burgess will arrive at The Rec in October, once the Australian Rugby League season comes to an end. Credit: PA

I’m happy this has all been sorted out before the start of the season so that I can concentrate on my game and the team without any other things in the way.

An opportunity presented itself to head back home to England and to pursue a chance to represent my country in two different sports.

With 2015 being a Rugby World Cup, it was an opportunity I had to pursue and I thank the Rabbitohs for allowing me to make this move and start the next chapter in my sporting career.

– Sam Burgess

The 2015 Six Nations starts on 6 February, giving Burgess around three months to adapt for that tournament. The 2015 World Cup, which is being held in England, starts in September.

Movie star, Rusell Crowe is co-owner of Sam Burgess' current club, the South Sydney Rabbitohs Credit: PA