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Demolish my flooded house, says resident

Residents Lyn Woodman and Maureen Powell on a rescue boat. Photo: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

A resident from a group of cottages which have been flooded three times this year wants her building to be compulsorily purchased and demolished. Lynne Woodman says that her property has been rendered unsellable because it floods so often.

On board the boat on the way to their cottages. Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

Lynne lives in Sandhurst Lane in Gloucester. She and her neighbour Maureen Powell, and several other residents, are currently living in a hotel. But they asked rescue workers to take them back to the cottages in a boat so that they could collect some vital documents. ITV West Country accompanied them as they saw the damage this latest flood has inflicted.

Sandhurst Lane, where the water is still several feet deep in places. Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

This isn't my water, this isn't my fault. These houses were built way before these floods started occurring, in 1890. I want somebody to buy my house off me and raze it to the ground; I do not want to live here anymore.

– Lynn Woodman, Sandhurst Lane resident
The floodplains just off Sandhurst Lane. Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

The smell, the carpets are squelching. This is what you walk into after a flood. It's not nice. My mother is 92 and has lived here all her life. I have lived here all my life.

– Maureen Powell, Sandhurst Lane resident
The aftermath of flooding: Mrs Powell's kitchen. Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin