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Controversy over plans to 'stop fun' in Bristol's parks

BBQs in the park could be banned under potential new bylaws. Photo: PA

Potential new by-laws for Bristol's open spaces, which would have restricted tree climbing and BBQs, have been withdrawn from tonight's full council meeting.

More than 40 regulations on outdoor activities had been up for consideration as part of plans to curb antisocial behaviour in the city.

They include:

  • children climbing trees
  • having a BBQ
  • playing football in an “annoying” way
  • skateboarding in an “annoying” way
  • making an “annoying” noise
  • putting up a wind/sun break
  • being with a parent in a children's area if you don’t have a child yourself

A full list of the council's proposals can be found here and here

The council is trying to crack down on antisocial behaviour in Bristol's parks. Credit: ITV News West Country

Bristol councillor Dr Mark Wright, who represents Cabot Ward, says the new bylaws would be a massive over-reaction.

Bristol Cllr, Mark Wright says the measure are "draconian and an erosion of civil liberties" Credit: ITV News West Country

The National Trust said climbing trees is in the top 10 of thing to do before you're 11, well apparently not in Bristol.

Some of these measures are draconian. An erosion of civil liberties. All we need is better education. This could force a greater divide between the police and young people.

– Bristol Councillor, Mark Wright
'Annoying skateboarding' could face fines of up to £500 if new bylaws get voted in. Credit: PA

Mayor George Ferguson has now removed the plans from the agenda saying further scrutiny was needed. He says he hadn't known they were on the agenda as he's been away.

The plans will now be scrutinised by a cross-party group before being submitted to council for debate at a future date.