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Prince George's new nanny from Bath's Norland College

Prince George at his christening in October 2013. Photo: PA

Details of Prince George's nanny have been released by Kensington Palace. She has been named as Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, a full-time nanny who trained at Norland College in Bath**. She will be accompanying Prince George on his parents' tour of New Zealand and Australia in April.

We will not be giving further details on Maria or her employment, except to say that the Duke and Duchess are of course delighted she has chosen to join them.

– Kensington Palace spokesperson

Norland is one of the world's best-known nanny training colleges. Fees for the first year of a BA (Hons) in Early Development and Learning cost £12,750. Trainees also have to purchase the famous uniform.

Norland students in their formal uniform. Credit: PA

The college's graduates are often sought-after among celebrities, to the extent that it now trains students how to protect children from paparazzi, in particular when driving.

Norland students in class. Credit: PA