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Toddler died after falling from window

Flowers and toys were left at the scene where she fell to her death Photo: ITV News

An inquest has heard how a toddler died when she fell out of a window from a block of flats in Bristol while her parents were sleeping.

Muna Abdirazak, aged 21 months, suffered severe head injuries when she plunged from the third floor of the building.

Avon Coroner's Court heard Muna climbed out of bed in the early hours of July 15 2013 and pushed open the kitchen door.

She is believed to have clambered on to a wooden chair and on to the kitchen table before toppling out of the open window next to it.

Muna's horrified parents, Layla Mohamed and Abdi Abdirazak, woke to find their daughter missing from the two-bedroom home in Polden House, Windmill Hill, spotted the window open at a 45-degree angle and ran downstairs to find Muna receiving treatment from paramedics.

Muna was rushed to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where she was pronounced dead a short time later, at 7.51am.

Avon Coroner Maria Voisin reached a conclusion of accidental death at the inquest in Flax Bourton, North Somerset.

"Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of how Muna came by her death and the fall are not clear.

"However, it appears likely that she woke from her sleep, went into the kitchen, climbed onto the chair and then onto the table.

"The window was open and sadly she fell from the window."

– Maria Voisin, Avon Coroner