1. ITV Report

Cars hitting horses is a common problem for riders

Three young girls on ponies were hit by a car on a country lane in Taunton on Sunday. The girls were aged between 8 and 12. Two of the horses were hit, but neither of the riders were knocked off their horses.

Young horse rider who was driven into by a car Credit: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

The British Horse Society says that road safety incidents involving riders has remained steady, with 32 in 2013 and 9 so far this year. BHS Senior Executive Sheila Hardy is keen to emphasise that many further incidents go unrecorded and the statistics do not reveal the true extent of the problem. She urges drivers and riders to behave safely on the road.

This incident in Taunton is sadly typical of the problems that riders face and while bringing in harsher penalties for irresponsible drivers such as the one mentioned here might be worthwhile, the issue remains that the driver has to be caught. Leaving the scene of an accident in itself should lead to legal action being taken. There is room for everyone on the roads provided that courtesy and consideration is shown by all, and by adding a little common sense and a refreshing read of the Highway Code, everyone would be much safer.

– Sheila Hardy, Senior Executive, British Horse Society