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Weekend blog from Alex Beresford

Be careful if you're out enjoying the sunshine Photo: Paul Zinken/DPA/Press Association Images

Over the next two days you won't be able to ignore the heat. Temperatures are expected to be 4 or 5 degrees above the seasonal average peaking in the low twenties.

The sunny weather will last for much of the weekend, although there'll be noticeably more cloud by the end of Sunday, but the temperature will still make 20C in most parts here in the South West.

Word of caution before we all run off into the sunshine! High levels of Ultra Violet light have been forecast by the Met Office.

Met Office forecast high levels of UV light Credit: Wolfgang Kumm/DPA/Press Association Images

Here are 3 points to help you avoid getting burnt and damaging your skin cells:

  • It's not the heat that burns us it's the amount of UV light that the sun lets out. The sun at the moment is as hot as it is at the end of July. If you'd consider putting suncream on then you should put it on now as there'll be high UV the coming days.
  • The best advice is to try and stay out of the sun at peak times of the day between 11am - 3pm. When you are outside wear suncream and remember to keep it topped up at least every 2 hours. Clothing helps - baggy T-shirts are brilliant.
  • Nothing wrong with getting excited about sunshine. Everything in moderation. You don't have to lie out in it all day, and tanning oil isn't the only option. Lotion with a lower SPF than 15 isn't giving you full protection.