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Women take part in 10K race in Bristol

Women's Running 10K Race Series takes place at Blaise Castle Photo: PA

Women across the west country are competing today in the Women's Running 10K Race Series at Blaise Castle as it returns to Bristol for the second time. One of those taking part is 32 year old Iona Pippin from Hucclecot in Gloucestershire.

In January 2012, Iona decided to start running with the aim of improving her health and losing weight; however her journey came to a sudden halt.

"I started having numbness and tingling in my leg, which later transpired to be a huge tumour. In September 2013, I couldn't walk; I was told running was either unlikely or impossible."

– Iona Pippin

Iona was determined to get back on her feet and just two months later, she ran her first mile.

"In November 2013, I completed my first mile in 17 minutes. I continued to train and built up my strength which subsequently resulted in completing my first 10k in February 2014 - I absolutely loved it. Last year I couldn't walk, now I'm chasing a sub 60 minute 10k."

– Iona Pippin

Her tremendous journey was built on pure determination and positivity, especially when exercise was virtually impossible.

"I have a letter from the hospital to my GP saying 'she intends to run a marathon, clearly, this will no longer be possible'. I haven't yet run a marathon but I will do, I'm hoping for a place at the Virgin Money London Marathon next year."

– Iona Pippin

Following a successful 10K in February, Iona signed up to the Women's Running 10K Race Series as part of her autumn half marathon training plan.

"I love the fact that the race is aimed at normal women. Being a runner means that I belong to a community and being a female runner makes me part of a special community."

– Iona Pippin