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Holidaymakers hundreds of pounds out of pocket in scam

Holidaymakers hundreds of pounds out of pocket in scam Photo: ITV News

A family from Bristol say they feel "violated" after booking a holiday that never existed. Jane Ryan hoped to take the family on a dream break to Cornwall but found they''d booked and paid for nothing. She's not alone - a Facebook group has been set up to warn others of the dangers online and the police are investigating.

Dozens of people have paid for holidays at Perran Sands at Perranporth and Devon Cliffs at Exmouth that never existed - no fault of the parks, but of someone claiming to have a caravan for rent.

Becky Watts from Taunton paid £600 for a group of eight to rent a caravan at Perran Sands.

Fake holidays at Perran Sands at Perranporth were being sold Credit: ITV News

Up on my newsfeed on social media showed this massive cancellation holiday, advertised in a local selling group, I quickly looked into it, thought wow I'm going to be the first to comment I could get this holiday a good price extra treat right at the end of the school holidays extra treat for the children.

– Becky Watts
People who paid money can't get hold of the seller Credit: ITV News

Jane Ryan from Bristol is one of the lucky ones - she paid £550 for a holiday - but when the keys didn't arrive she started asking the seller questions and eventually got a full refund. She feels betrayed.

I explained to her the reason I was holidaying in England this year was because my daughter was going skiing with the school and we couldn't afford a holiday abroad. We sp'moke about the cost of school trips. She became a friend. She really was that believable.

– Jane Ryan

Most people saw the deal on this Facebook group. We've made numerous attempts to contact the woman behind it - but haven't managed to. Facebook declined to comment.

Haven - who run the two caravan sites - say they're co-operating fully with police investigations and while they sympathise with the people affected, they won't be offering refunds because they were not involved with bookings which were made privately.

Those affected have now had to change their holiday plans - or been left to make the best of their week off at home.