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Memories of a former SAS soldier

Former SAS soldier Pete Winner wearing similar kit that he wore during the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 Photo:

An SAS soldier who took part in the Iranian Embassy siege is in the region talking about his role in the dramatic event.

Pete Winner - known as "Soldier I" in the official account of the siege - is helping with an exhibition dedicated to the famous special forces regiment.

Some guy on the first floor balcony shouted out 'This one's a terrorist! This one's a terrorist!'

I'll never forget him, this guy replays in my mind.

– Pete Winner talking about the Iranian Embassy siege
Behind the mask - former SAS soldier Pete Winner. The equipment he is seen with is not active Credit: ITV News

Mr Winner also tells how the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, responded to the successful mission.

Mrs Thatcher strode in like a triumphant Caesar returning to the senate and she said, 'Gentlemen! There is nothing sweeter than success! And you boys have got it!' And we all cheered.

– Pete Winner, talking about the aftermath of the Iranian Embassy siege.

The exhibition - at the Crime Through Time museum in Littledean in the Forest of Dean - charts the history of the regiment and some of its most famous missions.

Pete Winner will also be giving an account of what happened during the siege at a talk in Cinderford next month.

Watch Ken Goodwin's interview with Pete Winner here: