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Superman charity-worker intervenes on cash-point mugging

Antonio Cortes was dressed as Superman when the incident happened Photo: ITV West Country

A villain got more than he expected when he tried to rob a woman at a cashpoint - and came face to face with Superman.

Charity worker Antonio Cortes, who was dressed as the caped hero, was eating his breakfast at a local pub when he heard a lady screaming.

The 32-year-old ran outside where he found a man with his arms around her neck trying to mug her.

Springing into action the modest real-life superhero chased the assailant down the street, before wrestling him to the ground and holding him there until there police arrived.

Ken Goodwin tracked the illusive superhero down on the streets of Gloucester.

The lady's husband came out of the bank later on and shook my hand.

I feel like a real life super hero, but I just did what anyone else would have done.

It feels good knowing that I have saved someone. It's scary to think that in broad daylight, someone can do that.

It is nice to know that that man is no longer on the streets.

– Antonio Cortes

The woman suffered neck injuries following the incident at 11.40am, and was treated by the ambulance at the scene.

The incident happened at around 11.40am this morning at the Co-Op bank on Aldate Street in Gloucester.

A man wearing dark clothing walked into the business and assaulted the victim. The offender was apprehended by passers-by including a man dressed as Superman.

The victim sustained neck injuries and was treated by ambulance staff at the scene. A 54-year-old man was arrested and is currently in custody.

– Gloucestershire Police