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Amateur footballers' Euro 2016 song in support of England goes viral

The Lockerz recording their song. Credit: The Lockerz/Youtube

A group of amateur footballers who play for a team near Weston-super-Mare have seen a song they recorded in support of England at Euro 2016 go viral.

Quincey, Longer, Bromers, Sharpey and Yozza - otherwise known as the Lockerz - all play for Locking Park FC in Wick St Lawrence.

Their song 'Bring it Home' was recorded at Peter Gabriel's studio in Bath and their video has reached nearly 200,000 views on Youtube.

The song-writer says the song should Credit: The Lockerz/Youtube

In the last three months the group have gone from recording a song to being offered a record contract.

On its website the group says its dream is to "bring back the true spirit of English football".

The song-writer CJ said he chose the 5 members of the group because they were all diehard England fans.

"It doesn't matter whether they are singers as long as they have lion passion. I selected 5 England fans at random and the dream started. At first you can imagine their thoughts, this must be a wind up."

– CJ, the man behind the Lockerz

The record is being released on May 16 in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital.