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Shaun the Sheep auction raises over £1 million

Globetrotter was sold for the most money at £28,000 Credit: Shaun in the City

120 Shaun in the City sculptures from the streets of Bristol and London raised more than a million pounds for charity at auction last night.

The sculpture which went for the most money was Globetrotter which sold for £28,000. The money will help sick children at Bristol Children's Hospital and across the country.

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Car crashes into Cheltenham shop after police chase

Car crashes into shop Credit: Gloucestershire Police

A jeep smashed through the window of a shop in Cheltenham late last night after failing to stop for police.

A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving offences, criminal damage and failing to stop in connection with the incident.

The pursuit started around 8.10pm Oct 8 when the driver of the blue Jeep Cherokee ignored police requests to pull over on Prestbury Road.

Around 20 minutes later it was spotted in the St Paul's area and there was a short pursuit before a stinger device was successfully used to burst the tyres near Clarence Square.

The driver carried on though on two flat tyres, driving through red lights at speed before failing to take a left turn and crashing through the window of Clarence Stores.

There are believed to have been four male occupants in the car, all wearing dark clothing, who made off from the scene.

A number of people were near the crash site at the time and police would like to hear from them.


Becky Watts trial: CCTV shows Matthews buying saw

Nathan Matthews in B&Q Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

CCTV has been shown in court of Nathan Matthews buying a circular saw in B&Q the day after Becky Watts' death.

A shop worker from the the store told the court she was able to remember the transaction because Matthews disputed the price of the circular saw. She called a colleague to confirm the price. After explaining, Matthews was allegedly heard to say that he needed the item that day and would buy it anyway.

Hoare told police of issues between Becky and Matthews over Becky's stepmother

The officer who spoke to Hoare about her movements on 19 and 20 February has told the court what account she gave to the police.

DC Matthews interviewed Hoare outside her stepfather's house on 23 February.

The court heard that when she was asked about Becky, Hoare said that Becky was not shy, and would use her appearance to get what she wanted.

Defence questioning

The defence pointed out that Hoare described herself as the carer of Becky's stepmother.

The jury also heard that Hoare had shared information with the police about Becky's background, saying that when Becky was younger she had suffered from anorexia and that her behavior had started to change as she realised boys were paying her more attention.

The jury also heard how Hoare told police that Becky was "rude" to stepmother Anjie, and that this had caused friction between Becky and her dad.

Hoare also told the police about how Becky was often jealous of Matthews' relationship with his mother Anjie . The officer wrote in her notebook that "this makes them at odds with each other" - but the court also heard that, according to Hoare, Matthews and Becky had seemed to be getting on better recently.

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