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Woman who died in Wiltshire flat fire formally named

33-year-old Victoria MacDonald died in a flat fire in Marlborough this week. Credit: ITV West Country

A woman who died in a flat fire in Wiltshire has been named as 33-year-old Victoria MacDonald.

She lived in Angel Yard, Marlborough, and died at the scene of the fire on Monday afternoon, despite the efforts of the Fire and Rescue Service.

A file is to be prepared for the coroner.

Police on horseback search for missing Paul Griffiths

Police have been out on horseback in Bristol today, searching for missing musician Paul Griffiths - who disappeared over a week ago from the Priory Hospital.

His family have also been out on the streets this week, saying they are "desperate" and afraid for the safety of the 60-year-old, who suffers from anxiety and paranoia.

Paul Griffiths' family are concerned for his safety. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police


Matthews moved body in middle of night

After a number of days too-ing and fro-ing with Matthews and Hoare about hen they could conduct a house visit police finally agreed to see the couple on February 24.

But, it's claimed, tipped off that the police would now be coming Matthews contacted Karl Demetrius, who was working with James Ireland.

Between them the pair agreed to help Matthews transport 'items' from his home and quickly left work, at British Aerospace in Filton.

Around 1am, the pair drove in Ireland's Fiesta to Southmead, where Matthews and Hoare were, picked them up and took them back to their home in Cotton Mill Lane.

From there Ireland and Demetrius and possibly Matthews went back to work, where they picked up a white transit van.

There is a suggestion you can make out on CCTV a large item seen to be carried to the van.

The work van then drives away and drive by road to Barton Court, which was a short distance away.

CCTV shows the rear of Barton Court look to illuminate, near the garden, suggesting movement of people.

– William Mousley, QC, Prosecuti

Accused bought a number of items to 'cut up and package' the body

Matthews and Hoare bought a number of things which could be used to 'carefully package' Becky Watts' body parts.

The pair were seen at a number of stores between February 20 and February 23 buying items including rubber gloves, rubber sacks and three rolls of clingfilm.

You maybe getting the picture already, the prosecution suggest based on what was happening on the 20th, 21st and the 22nd of February that it is during that time, that the lengthy process of cutting up, and carefully packaging, which involved using metres and metres of clingfilm, and a clearing up operation in the bathroom of Cotton Mill Lane must have taken place.

It would seem between the 20th and 22nd of February her remains were then kept inside Cotton Mill Lane.

– William Mousley, QC, Prosecution


Matthews bought circular saw from B&Q

On February 20 - the day after Becky is thought to have been killed - Matthew's car is seen driving to Rajani Superstores at 12.20pm, where he purchases a bottle of one shot drain cleaner.

Less than a hour later he is then seen driving to B&Q in Horfield where CCTV images show him browsing the shelves for a circular power saw. He also picked up gloves, face masks and goggles.

At the till Matthews can be seen to query and argue the cost of the saw, claiming he "needed to have it that day"

The prosecution say all these items, bought on that day, were needed to be used in the dismembering of Becky Watts' body.

– William Mousley, QC, Prosecution

Matthews and Hoare ordered takeaway after 'killing' Becky

After killing Becky Matthews and Hoare remained in the family home - with Becky allegedly in the boot of their car.

Becky was alone in the family home while her step-mother Anjie attended a hospital appointment with her parents - Becky's grandparents.

The jury heard the teen sent her last text message at 11.03, and it is thought she was killed sometime between then, and 12.45 when Anjie returned home.

But Matthews and Hoare did not leave the family home until around 6pm, arriving at their home on Cotton Mill Lane at 6.40pm.

The pair then ordered a takeaway and browsed the internet for television programme listings.

Jail for former bishop who exploited young men for 'selfish sexual motive'

A retired bishop has been jailed at the Old Bailey for 32 months for abusing his power to exploit young aspiring priests for his own "selfish sexual motive" over a 15 year period.

Peter Ball, who lives in Langport in Somerset, is a former bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester.

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