Vietnamese box turtle

Rare turtle hatches at Bristol Zoo

One of the world’s rarest turtles, a tiny Vietnamese box turtle weighing just 14.6g has been born at Bristol Zoo.

Screengrab from Singin' in the Rain at the Bristol Hippodrome

Bob gets wet - but that's show business

Our weatherman Bob Crampton goes behind the scenes at the Bristol Hippodrome to see how they make it rain every night amid all the sunshine

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Lorry towed out of narrow lane in Wells

These pictures show today's operation to extract yet another lorry out of Mill Lane, Coxley, in Wells. It is the third to get stuck in seven days.

Lorry down lane
The jammed lorry in Mill Lane. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
Lorry down lane
This picture shows just how tight a squeeze it was. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
towing lorry
A tow lorry was the only solution. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes
Broken wall
This garden wall was badly damaged. Credit: ITV West Country/Tim Hughes

Watch: Lorry jammed so tightly that driver has to climb through window


New 'planetarium' will take visitors back in time

One of the country's most important Roman sites is being brought to life, a hundred and fifty years after it was first discovered. Visitors to Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire, are getting the chance to experience it with a planetarium-style projection. The "discovery dome" has been developed by a student from the University of Bath.

John Tredinnick a researcher at the University says visitors will be taken back in time during the tour:


Chard in line for next giant street waterslide

Thousands of people turned out to see Bristol's giant waterslide
Thousands of people turned out to see Bristol's giant waterslide Credit: ITV News West Country

A huge water slide is going to be put up in Chard High Street next month. Similar to the one that attracted thousands of people in Bristol the 1.2m slide will go down the High Street. It's been organised by the town's Mayor to raise money for her charities.

You can apply to take part at the Guildhall.

So why did a tank drive down Park Street in Bristol?

People shopping in Bristol this afternoon may have been shocked to see a Sherman tank making its way down Park Street.

The display came courtesy of a group campaigning against the city's parking zones. The demonstrators were heading to College Green to support the fight for a vote of no confidence in Bristol Mayor George Ferguson's plans to control residents parking.

If you missed the spectacle, here it is:

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