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Bristol's David Prowse makes road safety comeback

Bristol actor David Prowse has made a comeback - as the Green Cross Code Man.

The 79 year old actor, who appeared as Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies, has appeared in a video as part of a road safety campaign launched on YouTube.

Unlike the original Green Cross Code Man campaigns, this one is aimed at adults who put themselves at risk by continuing to use modern technology while crossing the road.


VIDEO: Bristol students become internet sensation

Students from the University of the West of England in Bristol passed the time with a sing-along after getting stuck in a lift.

The nine students performed a loud rendition of the Aerosmith song 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' while they were waiting to be rescued from a lift that had got stuck.

The video was captured by a fellow student, and has become an internet sensation.

Britain's most married man finds long lasting love

Ron Sheppard has been married to Weng Platino for ten years Credit: ITV News

Britain's most married man - who has tied the knot an incredible eight times - has finally found lasting love after celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary today.

Ron Sheppard, who lives in Martock in Somerset, first walked down the aisle 47 years ago and has since fathered eight children and has 14 grandchildren.

His current marriage - to Filipino bride Weng Platino - is his most successful, and the pair are now celebrating ten years together.

Kite Festival to move to Bristol's Downs

One of the more geometric offerings at the Kite Festival in 2011 Credit: PA

Organisers of Bristol's International Kite Festival have announced that is moving from its home at Ashton Court next year.

It is now due to take place at Durdham Downs - where it has been based before - from 22 to 23 August 2015.

A giant gecko kite struggles to get off the ground at the festival, which took place on Durdham Downs in 2011 Credit: PA

Organisers say they decided to take a break this year. They have also made the decision to put the event on every other year in future.

Following a highly successful festival in 2013 the organising team has, after much consideration, decided to give this year a miss and instead to focus our efforts on planning for 2015 which will also mark Bristol’s year as European Green Capital City.

As many of you will know the festival is still run by a core team of hard working friends and volunteers and has become a major event to organise on top of family and full-time work commitments.

We will also not be running a Festival at Weston Beach this year for the same reason.

By running the Bristol event every two years in future, like some other major festivals, it gives us more time to plan ahead and manage these other commitments.

– Bristol International Kite Festival

Longleat to switch on its 7,000 Christmas lanterns

The lanterns which will light up Longleat this evening are based on traditional Chinese designs Credit: Longleat

Longleat's less traditional Christmas light display will be switched on this evening.

The festival of light is Europe's biggest ever display of giant Chinese lanterns - with around seven thousand individual lights.

A team of a hundred craftsmen from the region of China famous for lantern festivals have created the structures.

15 kilometres of silk and 30 tonnes of steel have been used to create the designs.

The amazing structures have been created by a team of craftsmen and women in China Credit: Longleat


Young swans are rescued in Bath

Two PCSOs have come to the rescue of two young swans in Bath. They were called to St Mark's Road in Widcombe by concerned passers-by. One cygnet was dozing in the road while the other had got itself trapped in the cemetery by the former church.

Passers-by had put road cones about one of the swans, which was dozing in the middle of the road Credit: Anthony Grimley

We’ve had to deal with swans a couple of times before so we knew how to handle them. We put blankets over their heads and bodies to pacify them, then we lifted them and carried them to the canal nearby.

– Mike Symonds, PCSO

They were young birds but pretty big and strong. Luckily they stayed quite calm, although one tried to give me a good pecking and the other left Mike needing a change of trousers.

They seemed happy enough to be back on water and soon paddled off. Hopefully they’ll stay off the roads in future.

– Ashley Bintcliffe, PCSO

Jane Austen's Day Out in Bath

In the film the author's statue outside the Jane Austen Centre is brought to life Credit: Doubleshot

A Frome production company has made a fun film imagining what would happen if a statue of Jane Austen was brought to life.

The firm, Doubleshot, has followed the exploits of the author enjoying the sights of Bath before returning to her position outside the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street.

Jane's first port of call is (naturally) a book shop in the city Credit: Doubleshot
Jane photobombs a couple of tourists outside Bath Abbey Credit: Doubleshot

The film not only celebrates the famous author but also the city's architecture and it's getting a lot of interest worldwide. It has attracted more than 100,000 views through social media.

You can watch it for yourself here:

Artist plans to get Bristol in the swing

Luke Jerram came into our studio to tell us about his Ghost Boat vision and other artistic endeavours Credit: ITV News

Bristol artist Luke Jerram has become known throughout the world thanks to his street piano project and the Park and Slide which had hundreds of people shooting down Park Street on a water slide.

Well his artistic plans haven't stopped there.

You can read about his Ghost Boats project here.

When Luke came into the studios to tell us about his plans he let slip that he has a vision of getting Bristol in the swing.

He has put in a planning application for 200 swings across the city hanging from cranes and buildings. And adults as well as children will be encouraged to have a go.

But will he get permission? Watch this space.

Ghost Boats to come to Bristol woods

The artist's impression of what the new "ghost boats" will look like Credit: Luke Jerram

Bristol artist Luke Jerram, who was responsible for the incredibly popular "Park and Slide" in Park Street and the street pianos project has come up with a new concept.

The exhibition - if that's what you call it - will open at Leigh Woods to the north of the city in April 2015. Luke plans to create a flotilla of abandoned fishing boats in the depths of the trees.

The fact that they are so far from the sea is aimed at raising discussion about climate change and issues surrounding the fishing industry.

They will all point in the same direction as if they were moving with the tide and the navigation lights will come on at night giving an impression of ghostlike activity in the woods.

Luke is always the champion of the interactive so people will be able to explore the boats when they visit.

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