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Chard in line for next giant street waterslide

Thousands of people turned out to see Bristol's giant waterslide Credit: ITV News West Country

A huge water slide is going to be put up in Chard High Street next month. Similar to the one that attracted thousands of people in Bristol the 1.2m slide will go down the High Street. It's been organised by the town's Mayor to raise money for her charities.

You can apply to take part at the Guildhall.


So why did a tank drive down Park Street in Bristol?

People shopping in Bristol this afternoon may have been shocked to see a Sherman tank making its way down Park Street.

The display came courtesy of a group campaigning against the city's parking zones. The demonstrators were heading to College Green to support the fight for a vote of no confidence in Bristol Mayor George Ferguson's plans to control residents parking.

If you missed the spectacle, here it is:

Car lost to tide at Brean Beach

A 4x4 was lost to the sea at Brean beach on Tuesday after it became stuck in the soft sand and mud.

The 4x4 was completely engulfed by the incoming tide Credit:

Although the alarm was raised by the beach warden a team from Burnham's BARB search and rescue was unable to dig the vehicle out and the soft nature of the sand made it impossible for other vehicles to get close enough to pull it free.

The soft sand meant rescuers were unable to save the vehicle Credit:

Meet Winnie the mini hippo at Bristol Zoo

Introducing Winnie the baby hippo Credit: ITV News West Country

Winnie the pygmy hippo was born at Bristol Zoo Gardens in February and has since enjoyed romping around her enclosure with her father Nato and mother Sirana - who is ferociously protective. Today she was allowed outside for the first time.

Fewer than 2,000 pygmy hippos survive in the wild.


Jane Austen waxwork unveiled in Bath

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath will be unveiling a waxwork of the author which they believe is the closest likeness since she was alive nearly 200 years ago.

A portrait of the novelist will appear on £10 notes from 2017 Credit: Laura Lean/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The waxwork is the result of a three year project, and was modelled using eye-witness accounts, a forensic artist and a BAFTA award-winning costume designer.

Rescued Glastonbury dog still won't sleep at night

An animal shelter in Somerset been inundated with offers to re-home a dog found abandoned after the Glastonbury festival.

'Dolly' was found in a tent left on the site last weekend.

The lurcher's making a steady recovery after being left with little food or water, but rescue workers say she still won't sleep at night.

Francesca Carpenter reports.

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