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Can you solve the mystery of the proposal that can only be seen from the sky?

This unique proposal was spotted from the local air ambulance service. Credit: Great Western Air Ambulance

A mystery proposal has been spotted written on Lydney field in Gloucestershire with the words 'Marry Me' etched on the grass.

Paramedic James Yates posted the picture of the romantic gesture on Twitter wondering if the message was successful.

Spotted over the Gloucestershire countryside. Credit: Great Western Air Ambulance

The Great Western Air Ambulance crew spotted it on the way back from a call out.


Boom! Shake the Room

Gloucestershire Police say loud booming noises heard in Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire last night were from a police training exercise.

Sound waves Credit: ITV West Country

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Two big blasts were heard across North Wiltshire and Gloucestershire just after 10pm.

They were noticed across a 25 mile area as far apart as Lyneham and Swindon in Wiltshire and Cirencester in Gloucestershire and appeared to be coming from near RAF Kemble.

People took to social media last night to speculate that the booms were from a military exercise on Salisbury Plain, a sonic boom from an RAF jet, or perhaps just thunder.

Are you one of the 400 people still watching TV in black & white?

Nearly 50 years on from the first colour TV service, people in the West Country are still watching black and white television with nearly 400 licences in force.

But they're not alone, according to the latest figures from TV Licensing South West, more than 9000 people across the UK are still watching in black and white.

people in the UK still watch television in black and white.

There are 85 mono licences still in force in Bristol alone. It's one of the top ten cities for people still watching in black and white.

Do you watch TV in black and white? Let us know via - we'd love to hear from you.

Could Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran be headlining new Ashton Gate stadium?

Justin Bieber has kept the chart positions captive for a number of weeks with his new year comeback. Credit: LuMarPhoto / PA Images

Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Eminem are among the names being lined up to officially open Bristol City's rebuilt Ashton Gate stadium.

Bristol Sport say they're in discussion with agents to bring 'the biggest names in the music industry' to the stadium.

We've been in discussions with recording artist D-Jukes and Sophia May from USUK Promotions and other major music agents, to bring the biggest names in the music industry to the stadium and further promote the city of Bristol.

– Andrew Billingham, CEO of Bristol Sport

It's expected to be finished for the start of the football season in August, with the idea that some huge concerts will take place in 2017.

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