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Dog rescuers: 'She needs someone with time, patience and lots of energy'

Credit: ITV West Country

The Bristol based rescue organisation who are looking after Tasha, a dog who suffered a savage attack, say she needs someone with lots of energy to welcome her into their home.

Tasha, a street-dog from Romania had her tail brutally chopped off with an axe in a village there back in October.

Cerian Adams from Happily Ever After Dog Rescue explained what happened to Tasha.



Dog rescue transport service appeal to find a home for Tasha

Tasha on her way to the UK from Romania. Credit: Happily Ever After Dog Rescue

An organisation have urged people to get in touch with them if they can provide a new home to a dog who was subjected to a horrific attack while a puppy in Romania.

Happily Ever After Dog Rescue Transport say 'she is looking for a family who will love her eternally'.

What is Alabama rot? Everything you need to know about the dangerous dog disease

A woman from Swindon whose dog died of the rare but dangerous Alabama Rot is trying to spread awareness about the condition.

What is Alabama Rot?

Alabama rot is a disease which affects the skin, blood vessels and kidneys of dogs.

It is not yet known what causes the disease, which is still rare in the UK - although there have been confirmed reports throughout the country, including Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall.

Although very rare, the condition can lead to kidney failure and be fatal for pets. This guide from Vets4Pets can tell you how to spot the signs.

How to spot the symptoms of Alabama Rot

The initial symptoms are skin lesions on the legs, chest and abdomen Credit: Jessica Worthington
  • Skin lesions, which appear as a distinct swelling or a patch of red skin
  • They most commonly appear below the elbow or knee
  • Within two to seven days, the dog will develop signs of kidney failure including: vomiting, reduced hunger and tiredness

These symptoms are not unique to Alabama Rot, and your vet will run a number of tests to find out the underlying cause.

If you think your dog may have any of these clinical signs you should contact your vet immediately.

For more information on the disease and preventative measures, visit the Vets4Pets website


Terrified puppy abandoned and left tied to tree

The RSPCA is appealing after a terrified young puppy was left tied to a tree and surrounded by mud.

The five-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross, who has now been called Heidi, was spotted by a group of people as they were walking their dog in Creech St Michael.

The group spotted a young man running away down the canal path, and shortly after heard the sound of a distressed dog and went to investigate.

Heidi was left terrified as she was abandoned and tied to a tree at dawn Credit: RSPCA

It was just coming light at the canal when these people saw what looked like a young man in his twenties running away down the canal path. He was wearing jeans and trainers. He may not be the owner of the dog but we would really like to speak to this man in case he might have seen anything that could be of use to our investigation.

Poor Heidi was clearly scared and had no idea what was happening to her. We are just thankful that she was found quickly and is now safe in our care.

– Jo Daniel, RSPCA Inspector

They found the abandoned pooch near 20-acre field at around 7.30am on January 15.

Underweight and frightened Heidi was taken to the RSPCA’s West Hatch animal centre where she was given shelter.

The RSPCA have now launched an investigation into the incident.

There are many options available to people who may be struggling with their unwanted pets and tying a young puppy to a tree without a thought of what could have happened to her as a result is an unacceptable and rather callous act.

The lead Heidi was tied up with is quite distinctive and we are appealing to anyone who may recognise the lead, her, or may have any more information about how she came to be tied to that tree.

– Jo Daniel, RSPCA Inspector
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