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WATCH: the moment our reporter managed to "hoot" an owl out of hiding

An eagle owl has apparently been terrorising residents of Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire.

The owl has been landing on people, but it's not attacking, it's courting.

This bird is showing classic signs of imprinted behaviour, imprinted on human beings. It is a trained tame owl that has come into breeding condition and basically it wants to breed with the people of Wotton-under-Edge!

– Jemima Parry, International Birds of Prey Centre

Our reporter Ken Goodwin set out to find this amorous animal. He was running out of patience, when he decided to try "hooting". See how he got on:


Rescued elephant Anne settling in to 'luxury' retirement home

Anne's new home has been specially designed for her. Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Britain’s last circus elephant, who was rescued after shocking secret film emerged of her being abused by her former groom, is now settling into a "luxurious" new purpose-built home at Longleat.

Ageing elephant Anne, whose rehabilitation has stunned vets at the Wiltshire safari park, walked to her new home in under an hour, sparing her the ordeal of another journey by truck.

Anne's recovery after her ordeal has stunned experts at Longleat. Credit: Longleat Safari Park

The 65-year-old elephant is loving her new home, and no wonder.

The 994 square metres of heated accommodation comes with deep sand floors, natural skylight panels, automated feeding systems and a specialist treatment area - all specially designed for retired elephants of advancing years.

Anne can now live out her days in comfort. Credit: Longleat Safari Park
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Pictures: Newborn badger gobbled up by dog rescued by Somerset charity

The orphaned cub weighs just 80 grams. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

An orphaned newborn badger cub gobbled up by a terrier has been rescued by a Somerset wildlife centre. The Jack Russell's owner could not believe the tiny pink bundle that was dropped on her kitchen floor, and quickly contacted her local Badger Group, who called Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Little Star, who weighs just 80 grams, is now being looked after at the Somerset centre. She is being fed every two hours and, despite being in an incubator, needs an extra hot water bottle without warmth from her mum.

Little Star is being fed every two hours. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Badger cubs would not usually venture above ground until they are at least ten to twelve weeks old, so this tiny badger is very lucky to survive.

– Pauline Kidner, Founder, Secret World Wildlife Rescue
Little Star is the charity's first orphan of 2015. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World Wildlife Rescue cares for over 5,000 injured and orphaned animals every year. Little Star is its first orphan of the year.

The centre is holding a badger-themed open weekend over Easter. The 'Badger Bonanza' will be allow visitors to find out more about badgers and the work done by the charity.

200 tractor. Forage Aid kicks off a fundraising drive

Forage Aid fed many farm animals when the winter floods destroyed food supplies

The scheme which helped feed Somerset's farm animals during last year's floods is launching a fundraising drive today.

Forage Aid sent lorry-loads of food and straw during the crisis and now wants to become a fully-fledged charity.

A tractor plastered with their logo will embark on a three-day drive from Sedgemoor livestock market in Somerset to a renewable energy conference in Shropshire, raising money along the way.

The journey is nearly 200 miles.


Bristol Zoo is hit by tragedy

The two pigs pictured in happier times Credit: Bob Pitchford

Bristol Zoo has lost some of its most precious animals after a male warty pig ate his entire critically endangered family - and a rare monkey became lunch for hungry otters.

The two pigs, pictured above in happier times, were found in distressing circumstances when Elvis turned on his piglets and then his own mate.

In another instance, a rare monkey escaped its enclosure and fell into a pond where it was eaten by American otters.

The zoo, which prides itself on its conservation measures, said the deaths have distressed keepers.

Hip hippo hooray! Winnie the pygmy hippo is one today

Winnie will be celebrating her birthday with a special vegetable cake Credit: ITV News

Bristol Zoo is celebrating the first birthday of one of its pygmy hippos.

Winnie weighed just six kilograms when she was just a few weeks old, but she's grown to just over 80 kilograms.

Keepers will be treating her to a special vegetable birthday cake.

Winnie may be a big girl but she's dwarfed by her mum Sirana Credit: ITV News
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