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Businesses leaving Clifton due to new parking scheme

Residents parking in Clifton Credit: ITV Westcountry

A survey has revealed nearly 85% of business owners are against Bristol's latest residents' parking zone which comes into effect on Monday.

Around a third of respondents also said the Clifton Village scheme has already led them to quit the area or was likely to.

Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio, will be moving his 30 employees out of Clifton before the summer.

But Mayor George Ferguson, who is responsible for implementing the schemes across Bristol, today insisted feedback from other areas has been positive.

It damages us enormously. I'm deeply worried about the future of Clifton Village.

It's a micro-economy and it operates on a delicate basis. The scheme isn't right and I fear for the success of the business owners.

I think the area will degenerate. If people can't come in and park they will go elsewhere.

– Spencer Buck, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Taxi Studio

I acknowledge that change is challenging but recognise that the schemes require some people to change their travelling habits and will never be the perfect solution for everyone.

– George Ferguson, Bristol Mayor

The issue is set for a stormy debate at Bristol City Council next Tuesday when campaigners will challenge the legality of the entire idea.


Bristol robotics firm gets international recognition

A firm grip - one of the robotic hands being developed in Bristol Credit: ITV News

A Bristol start-up has been named one of the top 50 robotics companies to watch this year.

Open Bionics - based at Bristol Robotics Laboratory - has been ranked amongst Dyson, Google and Panasonic for its ground breaking work to create 3D-printed robotic prosthetic hands.

Open Bionics was chosen for the international list by the Robotics Business Review.

Gloucestershire inn wins Pub of the Year

The Salutation Inn or "Sally" has won the title of Pub of the Year Credit: ITV News

A former business analyst who quit his job in London to follow his love of beer says he is "thrilled" his freehouse has been named Pub of the Year by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra).

Peter Tiley, 31, had never been behind a bar when he pulled his first pint at The Salutation Inn, known as the Sally, in the small village of Ham, Gloucestershire, two years ago.

Peter Tiley had never pulled a pint before taking on the Salvation Inn two years ago Credit: ITV News

Mr Tiley said the pub was a result of hard work by him and wife Claire, 32, a passionate local community and nine staff.

We feel incredibly lucky and we're very grateful to all the people who have made this pub such a good pub - it's not just us.

Everyone has contributed towards this pub in making it something very special - the locals, the staff, everyone has.

We don't do coffees, but we do really, really good beer. We aren't a coffee house, we are a pub.

– Peter Tiley, Landlord

Wurzels rework hit song for farm safety campaign

The Wurzels have reworked their hit song "Combine Harvester" to raise awareness of farm safety Credit: Yellow Wellies UK

Somerset band The Wurzels have released a new version of their classic 'Combine Harvester' song.

It's part of a new campaign by the National Farmers Union to reduce death and injury in the workplace.

The agricultural industry is the UK's most dangerous occupation - figures from the Health and Safety Executive show 27 people died in farm accidents in the year to April 2014.

Council-run energy company could be approved today

Plans to establish a council-owned energy company in Bristol could be given the go-ahead today.

The aim of Bristol Energy is to offer people a viable and trusted local energy company, say organisers. If approved they could be providing power as early as this summer.

Some of the energy would be provided by wind turbines. Credit: PA


Weston-super-Mare Post Office is saved from closure

It seems the future of the main post office in Weston-super-Mare is now secure Credit: ITV News

The main post office in Weston-super-Mare is to remain open after all.

The branch on Regent Street shut suddenly on Monday evening due to contractual difficulties. But agreement has now been reached with the landlord.

Post Office Ltd released the following statement today:

Weston Super Mare Post Office will remain open as normal at 76 Regent Street. Agreement has been reached with the landlord to allow us to remain on the site. We are delighted agreement has been reached bringing to an end a period of unforeseen uncertainty for customers and staff.

Post Office Ltd recently consulted over plans to relocate Weston Super Mare Post Office to 84 – 86 Regent Street, Weston Super Mare, BS23 1SR. The six week public consultation has ended and an announcement will be made shortly.

– Post Office spokesperson
The Post Office could still move to another address in Regent Street Credit: ITV News

Future of Weston-super-Mare Post Office in doubt

This could be the last day of the main post office in Weston-super-Mare Credit: ITV News

Today could be the last day the main post office in Weston-super-Mare remains open.

The branch on Regent Street closed suddenly on Monday evening due to contractual difficulties but it was allowed to remain open for at least two more days following talks with the landlord.

A new premises for the post office is now being sought.

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