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Could this be the first Christmas jumper for a cow?

Gloria looks very festive in her jumper - but it's also carrying an important message Credit: Send A Cow

Christmas jumpers - in varying degrees of tastelessness - have become fashionable festive wear but a charity based near Bath has come up with what it believes is the first to be worn by a cow.

Gloria, the mascot of Send a Cow, has had a jersey knitted for her (with natty Velcro straps) to highlight the charity's alternative gift catalogue. People are invited to come up with presents that can change the lives of families in Africa.

A local cow would set you - or your group - back £205 and would provide a farming family with milk and manure to keep their land fertile.

This year we’ve taken the idea of the quirky Christmas jumper one step further, to encourage people to think differently about the gifts they buy this Christmas.

Instead of buying chocolate for a friend, why not buy something unusual - for as little as £5 you will greatly improve the lives of poverty-stricken families in Africa.

This is our 13th year of the Christmas catalogue and over the years we’ve raised over £8 million to help poor families.

– Simon Barnes, CEO of Send a Cow

For more information go to the charity's website

Black Friday "madness" in Bristol

Shoppers are out in search of a deal today as many major retailers cut prices on what's called "Black Friday".

There have been queues since early on - and scuffles at a number of stores.

Patrick Rose filmed this video. He told us that people were grabbing flat-screen TVs without even knowing the price!

And thanks to Mo Sharif for this video. Mo got caught up in the chaos after only popping in for a few groceries!


Bristol City reveals Ashton Gate's new look

The new West Stand at Ashton Gate Credit: Bristol Sport

Bristol City has unveiled artists impressions of how the redeveloped Ashton Gate stadium will look.

Earlier this month they revealed the project is on schedule and should be ready in time for next season.

More images will be on display at a supporter consultation meeting at the stadium next Thursday 4 December.

The new South Stand at Ashton Gate Credit: Bristol Sport

Bath brought to a standstill on one of its busiest days

The lorry got stuck on the bend of Milsom Street Credit: Lizzie Heffer

An articulated lorry has become stuck in the centre of Bath.

The huge vehicle was unable to turn a corner at the bottom of Milsom Street causing long delays and traffic jams on the surrounding roads.

It comes on one of Bath's busiest days as the annual Christmas Market gets underway in the city centre.

The lorry has now been moved onto a side street where it remains stranded.

It's a busy day in Bath - let alone with stuck lorries Credit: Lizzie Heffer
Traffic backing up Milsom Street behind the lorry Credit: Lizzie Heffer
The lorry was moved to Quiet Street but remained stranded Credit: Lizzie Heffer

Cheltenham MP joins protestors at Weetabix packing plant

MP Mark Horwood has joined protestors outside a factory in Cheltenham.

Mr Horwood took the case of 105 Weetabix employees who have been made redundant to parliament yesterday. The packing plant on the Kingsditch Industrial Estate announced it was closing down last month. Employees don't feel that the redundancy package they were offered is fair.


Enhanced redundancy package offered to protestors

Employer offers protestors enhanced redundancy package Credit: ITV West Country/Ken Goodwin

Following a protest outside a Weetabix factory in Cheltenham the employer has offered an enhanced redundancy package.

105 employees at the plant on the Kingsditch Industrial Estate were made redundant after the factory announced it would close. They say their not happy with the redundancy packages they were offered.

Following a consultation process, we have agreed to work with our employees, their trade unions and local employment agencies to proceed with a phased closure of the business beginning in early 2015.

An enhanced redundancy package has been offered and we will be supporting employees to find new roles with out-placement support and a number of local companies have already been in touch to make us aware of vacancies.

Throughout this period we will be providing support to employees in the search for alternative employment. This has been a difficult decision and we appreciate it affects all of our people and their families.

– Vibixa

Weetabix employees protest over redundancy package

Employees of Weetabix say they're unhappy with their redundancy packages Credit: ITV West Country/Ken Goodwin

Workers at a company that's closing down in Cheltenham are protesting over their redundancy packages.

Workers due to be made redundant from a Weetabix packing factory in Cheltenham are protesting today against their redundancy packages.

Employees at a Weetabix packing plant on the Kingsditch Industrial Estate say their unhappy with the redundancy packages they've been offered. The factory announced in October that it would close, leaving its 105 employees looking for another job.

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood will join protestors. He raised their case in parliament yesterday.

Protestors outside Weetabix factory in Cheltenham Credit: ITV West Country/Ken Goodwin

Weetabix employees protest in Cheltenham

Weetabix employees protest over redundancy package Credit: John Stillwell/PA

Workers due to be made redundant from a Weetabix packing factory in Cheltenham are protesting today against their redundancy packages.

The plant on the Kingsditch Industrial Estate announced in October that it would close, leaving its 105 employees looking for another job.

Dyson announces £250 million expansion in Malmesbury

Wiltshire technology firm Dyson has announced a further expansion of its Malmesbury site, creating a further 3,000 jobs. The firm's founder Sir James Dyson has also pledged to invest a further billion in developing a hundred new products over the next four years.

The company will also increase production at its manufacturing plants in Singapore and Malaysia, and extend a research programme in universities.

This is in addition to a previously announced plan for a £250 million campus expansion at its Malmesbury site, creating three thousand jobs.

We must relentlessly invent - that's why we are investing in our research footprint here in the UK and investing in our manufacturing capabilities in South East Asia.

– Sir James Dyson

Sir James has also revealed that he would vote to leave the EU, saying Germany is too dominant.

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