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Why don't the recycling companies take black or brown plastic?

– Gary via Facebook

My story is, I slipped 3 discs just over 3 years ago which have left me disabled. I slipped 2 discs in my neck, 1 disc at the lower part of my back and all 3 disc crushed my nerves in my back. I'm very limited to what I can do now because I'm in constant pain. Can I get any support?

– Anonymous, Ask Ellie email

Ellie, why do traffic lights work overnight when there is no traffic on the road?

– Tim via ITV West Country


Part of Bristol without water after burst main

It's hoped the service will be back to normal by mid morning. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA

Some residents in the Redland area of Bristol are without water after a burst main.

Bristol Water has a crew working to fix the issue on Clarendon Road. At the moment it's not clear how many households are being affected.

ASK ELLIE: Help my husband learn to cook

Jenny Russe got in touch with Ask Ellie
Jenny Russe Asked Ellie

Dear Ellie I have a question! I'd love my husband to learn to cook, are there any good courses in Bristol to assist him in learning the skills to rustle up a tasty dish or two?! Thank you! Jenny

– Jenny via email

We got in touch with Little Kitchen in Bristol - here's Claire Warren

Need to know how to separate an egg?
Best way to chop an onion

Jenny Russe we hope this helps. Good luck Lee and enjoy the cooking.

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