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Girls think they're not clever enough to be scientists

Girls think they're not clever enough to be scientists Credit: ITV News

Almost half of girls in the South West think they're not clever enough to be scientists.

That's according to the energy group EDF.

It's starting a campaign to change perceptions and encourage schoolgirls to consider careers in science.

The #PrettyCurious programe is being backed by wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin.

Both girls and boys enjoy and show great aptitude in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects at school but at some point many girls seem to disengage with them.

There is no area of our lives that isn't affected by science, meaning that there’s a STEM subject and career out there for everyone, whether you're analytical or more creative.

It’s important that we support today's young people, nurturing their curiosity, encouraging them to pursue their passion and find the right fit for them, so that in the future they can embark on fulfilling and exciting careers and help shape the world around them.

– Liz Bonnin, biochemist, wild animal biologist & TV presenter

Statement on Free School Meals

Could free school meals be withdrawn, one year on? Apparently not Credit: ITV News

Just a year since free school meals were introduced to infant pupils with huge fanfares, the benefit could be scrapped by the Chancellor George Osborne to save money in an era of spending cuts.

One school in Chippenham has spent £200,000 installing a special kitchen podso it can take part in the scheme.

But today the Department for Education has issued a statement appearing to contradict today's news that free school meals for key stage 1 pupils could be abandoned.

We believe that every child, regardless of their background, should have the same opportunities. That is at the heart of what we are doing with school food – no child should be hindered because they are not eating a nutritious meal at lunchtime.

We have provided significant financial support to schools to help them deliver universal infant free school meals. We have come a long way and the new School Food Standards mean pupils of all ages are eating good food that sows the seeds for healthy eating for life.

– Government spokesperson


62 jobs at risk as the Open University closes in Bristol

The Open University is closing it's regional centre in Bristol.

62 jobs are at risk in Bristol as the Open University decides to close it's centre in the City.

The Bristol branch is among seven regional centres that the Open University will close - with a loss of almost 500 jobs nationwide.

The University and College Union has described the decision as "catastrophic".

Staff and students based in Bristol will have to travel 44 miles to the nearest centre in Cardiff - one of just six centres remaining open.

The Open University is respected the world over for the way it brings quality higher education to a wide range of people. At the core of that mission are its dedicated regional staff who provide essential support to thousands of students and their tutors.

Axing almost 500 staff across seven centres would be catastrophic and decimate the Open University’s ability to provide the kind of local support that students need. We are unconvinced by the university’s talk of staff relocating, especially as this will mean hours spent in the car or on the train just trying to get to and from work.

– Pauline Collins, University and College Union


Horsing around? Student takes pony to collect GCSE results

Ebony Kenington was all smiles as she collected her results on horseback! Credit: Dean Blake

For many students just getting in the car to travel to school today would have been a struggle, as thousands nervously went to pick up their GCSE results.

But for one teenager from the South West, the journey was horseplay as she decided to ride to Hanham Woods Academy to collect her envelope.

Ebony Kenington might have chosen an unconventional method of travel but she was all smiles after receiving her results.

(We're assuming she got an A* in horsing around)

Record number of students collect GCSE results at KnowleDGE Learning Centre

A record number of students have been to collect their GCSE results at KnowleDGE Learning Centre in Bristol.

The school caters for 156 students from across south Bristol with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

Callum Knowle has ADHD and says the school has helped him a lot:

This year 16 students were entered for a mix of exams including English, maths, science and history with grades ranging from B to G.

Achieving any grade is a huge success for these students, many of whom join the school mid-way through their education.

Assistant Head Nick Lee says even being able to sit an exam is an achievement for their students:

  1. National

A breakdown of GCSE results by English region

Official figures have revealed how the English regions fared in terms of their GCSE results this year.

London achieved the highest percentage of A* and A grades in England. Credit: JCQ
  • North-east England saw the biggest year-on-year rise in the number of candidates receiving grade C or above.
  • East Midlands and south-east England were the only two regions to show a fall in the number of candidates receiving grade C or above.
  • London showed the biggest rise in candidates getting A* or A
  • South-east England showed the greatest fall.
Improvements at grade A*-A and A*-C by English region 2014-2015 Credit: JCQ
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