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Horsing around? Student takes pony to collect GCSE results

Ebony Kenington was all smiles as she collected her results on horseback! Credit: Dean Blake

For many students just getting in the car to travel to school today would have been a struggle, as thousands nervously went to pick up their GCSE results.

But for one teenager from the South West, the journey was horseplay as she decided to ride to Hanham Woods Academy to collect her envelope.

Ebony Kenington might have chosen an unconventional method of travel but she was all smiles after receiving her results.

(We're assuming she got an A* in horsing around)

Record number of students collect GCSE results at KnowleDGE Learning Centre

A record number of students have been to collect their GCSE results at KnowleDGE Learning Centre in Bristol.

The school caters for 156 students from across south Bristol with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

Callum Knowle has ADHD and says the school has helped him a lot:

This year 16 students were entered for a mix of exams including English, maths, science and history with grades ranging from B to G.

Achieving any grade is a huge success for these students, many of whom join the school mid-way through their education.

Assistant Head Nick Lee says even being able to sit an exam is an achievement for their students:


  1. National

A breakdown of GCSE results by English region

Official figures have revealed how the English regions fared in terms of their GCSE results this year.

London achieved the highest percentage of A* and A grades in England. Credit: JCQ
  • North-east England saw the biggest year-on-year rise in the number of candidates receiving grade C or above.
  • East Midlands and south-east England were the only two regions to show a fall in the number of candidates receiving grade C or above.
  • London showed the biggest rise in candidates getting A* or A
  • South-east England showed the greatest fall.
Improvements at grade A*-A and A*-C by English region 2014-2015 Credit: JCQ

GCSE results day for thousands across the West Country

Teenagers across the West Country get their GCSE results today. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Thousands of teenagers across the West Country will collect their GCSE results today.

It's the moment when many students will decide whether to continue with education or enter the world of work.

We'll talking to students in Bristol as they find out those all-important grades

Students warned against university website scam

Students in Somerset have been warned against parting with large sums of money. Credit: ITV West Country

Students in Somerset are being warned against a fake university website, which is claiming to be linked to the Prior Park College based in Bath.

Prospective students have made payments of up to £5,500 to a fake establishment.

The trading standards department at Bath and North East Somerset Council have received a number of complaints from people about the site.

They have been advising all students who are considering attending a college or university to visit it first before parting with any money.


Son of hoax call nurse wins university place

Son of nurse Jacintha Saldanha Credit: ITV News

The son of Bristol Nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who killed herself after a hoax call, joined the record numbers of students accepted to university today.

Junal Barboza was among the tens of thousands of teenagers across West opening the fateful envelope, or in many cases reading emails or text messages.

The 19 year old has spent three years studying in Bristol - during which time he had to come to terms with the death of his mother .

A-level results: Everything you need to know about Clearing

Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

If you haven't got the A-level results you expected, you may be going through Clearing to try and get into university.

It can be stressful, but UCAS has plenty of advice and support online. Here's its basic guide to Clearing.

  • What is Clearing? Clearing runs from 3 July to 21 October and is an opportunity for anyone who hasn’t been accepted by a university or college to find a place on another course.
  • How do I know if I can use Clearing? When you log in to Track, you’ll see if you’re in Clearing. In the ‘Next Steps’ section, there’ll be an option to ‘Add a Clearing choice.' If you applied after 30 June, you’ll automatically be entered into Clearing.
  • Where can I find vacancies? The first place to start is the UCAS search tool. When you select where you normally live along with ‘Clearing 2015’, you’ll be shown all the available courses. The Telegraph will also publish all Clearing vacancies on Thursday 13 August and Saturday 15 August.
  • How do I apply to a course in Clearing? When you’ve found the course want to apply to, give the uni a call to ask if they can consider you for a place. If they confirm that they’ll accept you, add the choice in Track in the ‘Your Choices’ section. You can speak to as many universities and colleges as you like in Clearing, but you can only add one Clearing choice at a time. This must be the place you want to accept.
  • What happens after I’ve added a Clearing choice? If the uni has offered you a place, they will update your status in Track to show you’ve been accepted. Once this has happened, your Confirmation letter will appear in Track within a week.

UCAS has more advice here, on keeping calm when making that call.

It also suggests making a free call to the Exam Results Helpline on 0808 100 8000, for independent advice about your options.

Countdown to liftoff? Carol Vorderman to work with astronauts

Carol Vorderman after passing her private pilot's licence test. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Bristol TV star Carol Vorderman has landed a job working alongside astronauts, promoting space science education.

The former Countdown maths wizard, who has a private pilot's licence, will sit on the board of directors for the Challenger Centre for Space Science Education.

The centre was set up to honour the legacy of the Challenger shuttle crew, who were killed in a tragic accident in 1986.

54-year-old Vorderman says she has always been fascinated by space - and her daughter wants to be an astronaut.

"I'm thrilled and honoured to have been voted onto the board of this amazing organisation and I and can't wait to get fully involved.

"To encourage children into science and engineering has been one of my passions for decades.

"The opportunities for children that the Challenger centres provide is excellent. Space holds a massive fascination for everyone, whatever age, whatever background."

– Carol Vorderman
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