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Bristol school gives up traditional marking of work

A secondary school in Bristol has decided to give up traditional marking of children's work. Credit: PA

A secondary school in Bristol has decided to give up traditional marking of children's work.

All 950 children at Bedminster Down School now no longer receive a grade or score for their work.

Instead they receive feedback from teachers in the classroom. Live marking is simply sitting with a student and talking through a piece of work; what has gone well and identifying areas for improvement.

Impact marking involves the quick identification of gaps in understanding so the next lesson is planned to close any gaps and provide stretch and challenge. Summative assessments are used to provide additional benchmarks for progress.

Teachers claim traditional marking has little or no impact on pupil progress.


Severn Trent says water restored to majority of customers in Cheltenham

Thousands of homes are thought to have been affected by the burst. Credit: Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water says water has been restored to the majority of customers in Cheltenham following a mains burst overnight.

"We're happy to say that we've managed to restore supplies to the majority of our customers in the Cheltenham area.

"Some customers may still be seeing their water coming and going, this is because we're filling the network back up.

"We're working hard to get everything back to normal for everyone, but customers may experience some poor pressure this evening.

"We're also still handing out bottled water to those affected, and our teams are continuing to work on-site fixing the burst pipe.

"Customers that are affected, can collect bottled water from the Morrisons in Hatherley, Cheltenham GL51 3BW. Bottled water will be available to be collected until 10pm tonight, we're currently working on getting a second location arranged."

Severn Trent Water 'can't just yet give a time' for repairs on Cheltenham water main

Credit: Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water says it "can't just yet give a time" for repairs on a Cheltenham water main burst this morning.

The 24-inch main fractured under a field in Brookfield Road, Churchdown.

Severn Trent Water says it has restored supplies to some customers but supplies may be off or at low pressure for those in the south-west part of the town.

"We’d like to reassure our customers that we’re doing everything we can to get the water supplies back on and some customers are now starting to see their water returning. We know there are still customers with no water, and some who are seeing it coming and going as we're working to restore the supply for everyone."

"We're also working on setting up sites to hand out bottled water to those affected and we'll be able to share more details once we have everything in place.

"We've contacted our vulnerable customers to make sure they're ok and have everything they need and are delivering bottled to them.

"We know this isn't a great situation, especially as we can't just yet give a time for when this will all be sorted, but we are doing our best and we'll update everyone once we have more information."

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