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Labour confirms it will scrap the badger cull

Labour's Shadow DEFRA Minister, Maria Eagle has told the party conference in Manchester that she would scrap the badger cull if the party wins the General Election next year.

“A Labour government will tackle the scourge of Bovine TB, but not by using a policy dubbed “an epic failure” by the Chief Scientific Advisor of Natural England.”

“Conference, I want to make it clear today. We will put a stop to these inhumane, ineffective badger culls.”

– Maria Eagles, Shadow DEFRA Minister


Man arrested on suspicion of assault in badger cull protest

Police monitoring the new badger cull in Gloucestershire have arrested a thirty year old man on suspicion of assault, it was revealed today.

"The man has been arrested on suspicion of common assault by Gloucestershire police officers working under Operation Themis," said a police spokesman.

"It follows an incident at a farm in Bromsberrow Heath, Ledbury, on the Herefordshire-Gloucestershire border at about 10pm on Monday 22 Sept.

"The suspect is currently being questioned at Cheltenham police station."

The man was not taking part in the 'wounded badger patrol' run by the Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting protest group.


NFU statement on badger death claims

The National Farmers Union has responded to claims that a dead badger in Somerset suffered an unnecessarily lingering death because it had been shot in the abdomen and left to die.

“We have seen no evidence that a badger has been found. If one has been found there is no evidence to suggest it is associated with the cull. All badgers shot as part of the cull have been collected and accounted for. Humaneness monitors are also going out with contractors.”

– NFU statement

Humane Society comments on badger cull claims

The Humane Society's executive director and veterinarian, Mark Jones, has voiced his concern over claims that a female badger who had been shot in the abdomen in Somerset will have taken a considerable time to die.

Earlier today pictures were released by the wildlife charity Secret World claiming that "Badger 41" had been shot in the abdomen and left to die.

Badger 41 may have taken "a considerable amount of time to die" Credit: Secret World

“The discovery of badger 41 confirms our worst fears about the horrendous animal suffering the so-called trained badger cull marksmen will be inflicting. Shooting badgers in the abdomen will likely result in those animals taking a considerable time to die. DEFRA’s assurances that steps have been taken to ensure this year’s culls would be humane have been shown to be meaningless. Badger 41’s death was almost certainly not humane; how many more like her are suffering the same fate?

– Mark Jones, Executive Director at Humane Society International/UK,

Badger cull is inhumane claims Somerset charity

Somerset wildlife charity Secret World claims it has evidence that badgers are being shot inhumanely as the cull continues in the county.

They have produced pictures of a female badger which they claim shows it was shot through the abdomen rather than the chest in contravention of DEFRA guidelines. There was no evidence of a second shot and they say the badger will have suffered a lingering death.

The female badger handed in to Secret World Credit: Secret World

Notably there was no evidence of a second follow up shot or of evidence that the cull contractors had observed the badger after shooting it for signs of life, both these are requirements under the Defra culling licences. It is intended that a detailed post mortem will be carried out and that the findings will be made available.

– Secret World statement
Secret World claims the badger was shot through the abdomen Credit: Secret World

Project to show where floods could hit Bristol nears completion

The chalk line around Bristol is heralded as the largest art work ever commissioned in the UK Credit: ITV News

A chalk line - heralded as the largest art work ever commissioned in the UK - has been drawn around Bristol's streets to raise awareness of what could happen if global warming goes unchecked.

The High Water Line project is designed to show which parts of the city are at risk of disappearing under water if sea levels rise.

Over the last fortnight, hundreds of residents have taken to the streets to create the 32-mile line.

One of the participants, Anna Wilson, says the inspiration for the artwork came from an artist called Eve Mosher. "She drew the line in New York in 2007 and the line was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. She then felt that she wanted to spread the project to other flood-risk cities across the world, so they did Miami and now we're doing Bristol "

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