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A third of adults in the region drink too much

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV News

One in three adults in the West Country drink above the Government's recommended alcohol guidelines.

The survey, by Public Health Action, found many of these drinkers were unaware of the risks alcohol poses to health, including increased rates of obesity, heart disease and dementia.

"This is about all of us really. This is about people in professional jobs, parents who are starting to see alcohol creep up on them and it's becoming a routine and regular part of their life and their day".

– Kate Knight, Public Health Action


Parts of Gloucestershire are hotspots for radioactive gas radon

People warned of the dangers of radon Credit: ITV News

A public health campaign is underway this week to alert people to the dangers of radon.

The naturally occurring gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

The Forest of Dean, the Cotswolds and Cheltenham are radon hotspots - but homes can be protected.

There are also hotspots in Devon and Cornwall.

Maps showing the areas most at risk from high levels of radon Credit:

What to do if you're concerned about the care of a loved one

After our exclusive report and secretly filmed footage revealed substandard care of a dementia patient at Warminster Hospital, we've put together a few useful links if you have concerns about a loved one, or are trying to choose care options:

Useful links:

Workers in Bristol pull the most 'sickies'

Workers in Bristol take more sick days than those in any other UK city according to a study.

Bristol workers take more sick days than those in other UK cities Credit: PA

Research from BrightHR found that Bristol is the city where people take the most time off work. However it is not clear whether or not workers in the city suffer worse health than in others.

Of the 2,000 people polled, most blamed stress as the main cause for calling in sick and two thirds said a fun work environment would encourage them to be more productive and take less time off.

The lead author of the study, Professor Cary Cooper, said business owners in Bristol should be concerned.

The fact that Bristol has most sickness absence and high levels of stress should be ringing warning bells.

Businesses in the region should try and inject some fun in the workplace so they can benefit from a harder working and more motivated and productive workforce.

– Professor Cooper
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