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Car parking problems for hospital's neighbours

Alternative parking for Southmead Hospital at BAWA Club Credit: ITV News West Country

Residents in streets near the new Southmead Hospital are complaining that staff and visitors are cramming their cars into nearby streets. North Bristol NHS Trust says that a new multi-storey car park creating 2,700 spaces won't be built until Autumn 2015. In the meantime it is providing a number of spaces at the nearby BAWA club, but it appears these aren't being used.

Parking spaces at BAWA are not being used Credit: ITV News West Country


Inquest into death of 12-day-old baby Harley

Harley Pascoe was born with half a heart Credit: Family

An inquest will begin today into the death of a 12 day old baby at Bristol Children's Hospital.

Harley Pascoe was born with half a heart. His operation was cancelled five times because - his parents were told - he wasn't ill enough to need it urgently.

Harley is among 32 babies and children who have died on Ward 32 - Bristol Children's Hospital's cardiac unit

Sickness bug closes South Gloucestershire school

Two Mile Hill Primary School is due to re-open on Monday after a deep clean Credit: ITV News

A South Gloucestershire primary school's been forced to closed after dozens of children and teachers came down with norovirus.

Two Mile Hill School in Kingswood will be closed until Monday to allow for deep cleaning.

Two Mile Hill Primary School in Kingswood Credit: ITV News

Calls for an investigation into botched eye operations

There's been a call for the Health Secretary to investigate claims about botched eye operations at a hospital in Somerset.

Lawyers acting for patients who were treated for cataracts at a mobile clinic in the grounds of Musgrove Park hospital say more than 30 people suffered complications. The operations were carried out by a private firm contracted by the NHS.

Labour say the government needs to investigate why the operations weren't stopped as soon as concerns were raised.

Here's the Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne


South Gloucestershire school cancels visit from African teachers because of Ebola concerns

A school in South Gloucestershire has called off a visit from African teachers after parents raised concerns over the Ebola virus.

The teachers were due arrive from The Gambia, where there have been no reported cases of the illness.

It's become an annual event at Raysfield Infant School. For the last six years the Future in our Hands organisation has been sending the teachers for what the school describe as "a rich educational experience."

But the most recent trip has been cancelled, after a number of parents raised concerns over the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

In a statement, headteacher Alison Wood told us "Since August I have been in contact with Public Health England who have reassured me that there were no reasons to cancel the planned trip from the Gambian teachers on the grounds of safety."

"However the level of concern from some parents about the planned trip has prompted Kristina Lundahl, from The Future in our Hands in The Gambia, to postpone the trip."

The new rescue helicopter that can land on the roof of the Bristol Royal Infirmary

The new air ambulance lands on the BRI's helipad Credit: ITV News

The West now has a bigger, faster air ambulance. Crucially it can land on the helipad at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Gloucestershire Royal, which will save vital minutes transferring patients.

The old aircraft wasn't powerful enough to be allowed to land or take off from there.

The new helicopter is bigger and faster than its predecessor Credit: ITV News
It may eclipse its predecessor but it also costs half a million pounds more per year to run Credit: ITV News

New air ambulance struts its stuff for the cameras

The new Great Western Air Ambulance has taken flight - if only a metre or so above ground.

The helicopter was showing off what it can do in front of the press pack at Filton Airfield.

The £250,000 craft brings the service into the 21st century and means it can use the new helipad at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, allowing its patients immediate access to the hospital.

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