Ebola scare at Weston General Hospital

Ebola scare at Weston General Hospital

There's been an ebola scare at Weston General Hospital - staff had to to isolate a patient after fears he'd contracted the deadly virus.

St Martin's surgery

Temporary lifeline for Knowle surgery

St. Martins Surgery in Knowle will provide services for a twelve month temporary period following the resignation of the current partners

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Key findings from report into neglect of children

The report by the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board, the agencies involved outlined the lessons they needed to learn as a result of the case. Here are their key findings:

  • Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children's Board itself says it is improving training and support for professionals who work with children
  • Gloucestershire County Council emphasises the importance of responding to neglect accusations as rigorously as it responds to physical and sexual abuse. It also says the council must consider why parents are refusing statutory intervention for their children.
  • The District Council says it is working to improve communication between its services, including between housing staff who enter tenant properties for various purposes
  • Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust says it will ensure that children's views are fully taken into account when making decisions about their care, and that their staff will receive more training on recognition of neglect
  • Gloucestershire Police says its staff too will receive more training in neglect recognition


Report says children should have been helped sooner

The children lived in squalid conditions
The children lived in squalid conditions Credit: ITV News

Four children who were subjected to years of neglect by their parents should have been taken into care far earlier, according to a report out today. The children who were from Gloucestershire, lived in squalid conditions and were infested with lice. The mother and father were each jailed for two years in June.

A report by the Safeguarding Children Board found that the authorities should have taken tougher action to help the children.

The motivation was to support the parents, who themselves had all sorts of issues of their own, to improve the way that they were caring for their children to make it better. I think we can all see now and it's clear from the review that actually the level of neglect was at a level where these children needed to be removed earlier.

– David McCallum, Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board

Ambulance car driver suspended after crash

A fast response ambulance car driver has been suspended after hitting two pedestrians while on the way to an emergency call near the GCHQ spybase in Cheltenham.

The two casualties, both men, have been detained in hospital with serious injuries after being treated on the spot by the ambulance car driver.

The crash happened on the A40, just outside GCHQ.

The rapid response ambulance vehicle from South Western Ambulance Service was responding to an emergency call just after midnight when the collision happened.

Both pedestrians, a 30-year-old man from Cricklade, Wiltshire and a 32-year-old man from Bristol, were taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital by another two ambulances.

The Wiltshire resident is still in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with serious leg injuries.

The 32-year-old pedestrian was transferred to Southmead Hospital, in Bristol, where he received treatment for serious head injuries.

The male driver of the ambulance car was shaken but otherwise unhurt.

GCHQ Credit: Press Association

A spokesman for the ambulance service confirmed he has since been suspended while investigations are ongoing, and will have to undergo a driving assessment with a driving instructor before being allowed back on the roads again.

She added it was "standard practice" and a "thorough investigation" was already under way.

It is a process that is standard practice when something like this happens. He started treating both the men after the incident and called in for back up.

– South Western Ambulance Service

The road at the scene remained closed for five hours to allow officers from the Tri Force Specialist Operations Collaboration to conduct a detailed investigation of the incident.

"The investigation team is requesting that any witnesses who have not yet come forward and provided their details, please get in touch by calling 101 and quoting incident number eight of 17/08/2014.

– Gloucestershire Police


Swindon hospital given poor rating for food hygiene

Great Western Hospital given poor rating for food hygiene
Great Western Hospital given poor rating for food hygiene Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The company that provides food at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon has been given just 1 star out of 5 for it's food hygiene. The Food Standards Agency gave the contractor Carillion the poor rating for how it stored food and recorded temperatures. The Department of Health said "urgent action" is needed. In response Carillion say they are already making changes including retraining staff.

Somerset Hospital 'very cautious' of Ebola symptoms

A spokesperson from Weston General Hospital says nurses followed the correct procedure when dealing with the possibility of a case of Ebola.

A man was kept in isolation after returning from Lebanon exhibiting symptoms that could be associated with the disease.

There is no licensed treatment or vaccine for the disease, which has killed at least half of its victims this year. As a result isolating patients is critical to slowing the spread of the disease, as sick people can transmit it through their bodily fluids such as blood, sweat or urine.

A patient came in from abroad and because of some of the symptoms they were displaying, the accident and emergency department were naturally very cautious. They followed all the correct procedures and the proper triaging. The patient was found not to have Ebola.

– Weston General Hospital

Man quarantined at Weston General in Ebola scare

A man was put into quarantine at a hospital in Somerset after concerns he was showing symptoms of Ebola.

The man, who had travelled from Lebanon, walked into the Accident and Emergency department at Weston General Hospital at the weekend.

Patients were kept waiting for assessments at the hospital in Weston-super-Mare, while the hour-long incident was resolved.

Tests carried out later confirmed he was not infected with Ebola.

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