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New breast care centre for Bristol's Southmead Hospital

A new breast cancer centre has opened at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

It'll serve patients all over the city, as well as South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Services for diagnosis and treatment are under one roof for the first time. and the building has been designed with an emphasis on privacy.


Bath University research could reduce knee surgery

A new computer assessment programme could reduce the number of knee replacements Credit: PA

Researchers from the University of Bath say they've developed a new computer programme to assess a person's need for a knee replacement.

At the moment a patient's condition is assessed visually by surgeons. It's thought the new method could reduce the 90,000 knee replacements that take place each year.

Government plans for hospital food "won't make a difference"

A campaigner from Bath says government plans to improve food in hospitals don't go far enough.

Mark Sparrow spent 10 weeks in hospital documenting his experience and ever since has campaigned to change things. Now new rules are being brought in and hospitals that don't meet the standards could be fined and publically named and shamed.

New food standards for the region's hospitals

Hospital food is set to improve

Hospitals across the West will be expected to comply with new food standards, the government has announced.

A report by the Hospital Food Standards Panel, led by Dianne Jeffrey, Chairman of Age UK, is recommending five legally-binding food standards for the NHS, which has worked with royal colleges and nutritional experts to come up with the new rules. It comes after recent criticism of food standards at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.


1 in 10 parents skip meals to feed their children

Families in the South West are struggling to deal with rising costs of living. A mother from Bristol describes how she has to find savings on food in order to meet household costs.

The charity Shelter claims that more than a third of working parents are cutting back on food spending to cope with increasing housing costs. With 1 in 10 even skipping meals.

What we need to see the Government do is make sure the safety net is strong, so if people lose their jobs, or their income falls off a cliff they don't lose their homes straight away, and can take that chance to get back on their feet.

– Shelter

Eating tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Men who eat more than 10 portions a week of tomatoes have an 18% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Credit: Paul Mayall / PA

Research by the University of Bristol has found that eating tomatoes could reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Men who eat more than 10 portions a week have an 18% lower risk of developing the disease.

Researchers looked at the diets and lifestyles of more than 13,000 men aged between 50 and 69.

10,000 men in the UK die from prostate cancer every year.

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