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How to help your child if they are suffering from Gender Identity Issues

What is Gender Identity Disorder?

Gender dyphoria which is also known as Gender Identity Disorder, applies to someone who is unhappy with their biological sex and wishes to belong to the other one.

This happens when a young person feels that they have been born in the wrong body, that they should have been a girl if you were born a boy or vice-versa.

In most people their gender identity is the same as their sex but in a few people their gender identity and sex do not match and this can cause distress.

The charity Mermaid, who offer support to children and teenagers with gender identify issues, say they recognise that there are problems within the current systems in place to help young people.

However, they say the earlier signs of Gender Identity Issues can be recognised, the sooner help can be given within the NHS.

The charity would encourage families to get in touch with them to help provide expert advice and support:


Weston General Hospital asks people to avoid A&E unless it's urgent

Weston Area Health NHS Trust are asking people to avoid making a trip to A&E today, unless they are suffering from an urgent medical problem.

They stressed that A&E is very busy and asked anyone who still requires help and advice for a non-urgent medical problem should follow this link:

Do you really need our Emergency Department?

Parents pleaded in vain for help for mentally ill son

Timothy Crook's parents, Bob and Elsie Crook

Bristol Crown Court heard that for years, his parents, Bob and Elsie Crook, pleaded with the mental health services to help him. But he refused to engage with them and they refused to intervene.

Timothy Crook had a long history of mental illness. In 2002, he was diagnosed as delusional and schizophrenic. A doctor described him as 'a bomb waiting to go off.' He was sectioned but successfully appealed the order and went back to live with his mother and father in Swindon - where in 2007 he battered them to death.

Bob and Elsie Crook were a well known couple in Swindon. They ran a weekly dance club. But when they failed to show for the first time, friends became suspicious and called the police. What detectives discovered was the horrific end of a brutal attack.

Ch Insp Deb Smith from Wiltshire Police described what happened.

It has taken eight years for the case to reach trial as Timothy Crook has been too unwell to enter a plea.

Timothy Crook was found not guilty of his murdering his parents but was found guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility.

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership says the deaths of Mr and Mrs Crook has influenced the way their work.

You can read its statement here.

Mental health trust statement over parent killings

Timothy Crook, a psychiatric patient, has been convicted of killing his parents Credit: Wiltshire Police

A mental health patient has been convicted of killing his elderly parents. The court heard Timothy Crook's family pleaded with health workers for them to intervene in the months and years leading up to their deaths.

He battered Bob and Elsie Crook to death in their Swindon bungalow in July 2007. He dumped their bodies 150 miles away - under a wheelie bin.

He was found not guilty of their murder but was found guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility.

The Avon & Wiltshire mental health trust says that the deaths have influenced the way they work.

Improvements have been made and the service has moved forward in the last four years.

This incident continues to influence our thinking in the way we improve our services, particularly when patients and families are in need.

It is very hard when people don’t want to engage with our services but we are confident that a tragic event is less likely to happen in the future.

– Spokesperson, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Timothy Crook found guilty of killing his parents

Timothy Crook has been found guilty of manslaughter of his parents Credit: Police

A Swindon man has been found not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter of his elderly parents.

50-year-old Timothy Crook had denied killing Bob and Elsie Crook, whose bodies were found under wheelie bins at a house he owned in Lincoln in 2007.

Crook was found guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility. He will be sentenced next week.

Timothy Crook's parents, Bob and Elsie Crook


Number of organ donors drops

The NHS is calling for more people to sign the organ donors' register Credit: Philip Toscano/PA

A new appeal has gone out for more people to sign the organ donors' register after the first fall in the number of donors for a decade. More than 4,000 people had a transplant last year - but the number of donors fell by five per cent.

The NHS Blood and Transplant Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate, which is based at Stoke Gifford near Bristol, says fewer people died last year in circumstances where they could donate. It also says there's been no change in rates of consent.

Of the transplants carried out, 1,092 were made possible by living donors who gave a kidney or part of their liver, while 3,339 patients benefitted from organs donated after death. To join the NHS Organ Donor Register visit here or call 0300 123 2323.

“We are truly grateful to the families of the 1,282 deceased donors and to each of the 1,092 living donors who made transplants possible last year. Their donations allowed over 4,400 people to get the organ transplant they’ve been waiting for to save or vastly improve their lives.

“We have always known that because the opportunities to donate are so small, it is essential to increase the number of people who say yes to organ donation. If the pool of potential donors is reduced then this is even more important."

– Sally Johnston, NHS Director of Organ Donation

READ: North Bristol NHS Trust's response

North Bristol NHS Trust, which runs Southmead Hospital has apologised to patients and says it fully accepts the findings of the report.

The Trust takes the findings of the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) report extremely seriously.

We fully acknowledge that the quality and safety in the Emergency Department when the CQC re-inspected was not at a standard our patients should expect and for that we are very sorry.

The inspection took place on an exceptionally busy day and patients were waiting unacceptable lengths of time for admission to the main wards and had to wait in areas that were not conducive to our staff being able to deliver high quality care.

To provide absolute assurance, our clinical team carried out a thorough review of the notes of all patients from that day and were satisfied that no one came to harm.

We had hoped to be in a much better place at the time of re-inspection and are extremely disappointed with this outcome.

– Andrea Young, Chief Executive

Andrea Young, Chief Executive, thanks staff for their "relentless focus" on improving patient flow throughout the hospital, and for other improvements that have been made.

The Trust is fully committed to working with the CQC and we will be providing them with regular updates to track progress. In addition they will be making a further unannounced visit to the Emergency Department in the near future.

We are confident that with the changes put in place that are now firmly embedded, we can deal with busy periods much more effectively. Our priority is to provide the safest and best quality care for our patients and have the warning notice lifted.

– Andrea Young, Chief Executive

Southmead A&E rated inadequate for second time

A new £430 million hospital, supposed to be one of the answers to dealing with health issues in Bristol, has had its Accident and Emergency department rated inadequate for a second time.

The Care Quality Commission published its initial concerns back in December and despite some improvement, when the team returned in May it gave the service the same rating.

Inspectors from the health watchdog found overcrowding, insufficient staffing and patients waiting too long for pain relief.

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