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Donation increased after Hague called Aaron Banks 'a nobody'

Former Tory Party donor Aaron Banks has given Ukip £1 million. Credit: ITV News

Former Tory party donor and insurance businessman Aaron Banks said that he increased his donation to Ukip from £100,000 to £1 million after allegations that former Conservative Foreign Secretary William Hague called him "a nobody".


Prime Minister talks to ITV Westcountry

The Prime Minister has told us the Tories are capable of winning an outright majority at the next election - and ruled out doing any kind of deal with UKIP in the wake of the defection of two of his MPs.

It comes on the day George Osborne told the Tory Party Conference he would freeze benefits paid to people of working age - if the party win the next election.

Watch the Prime Minister's interview with our political correspondent Bob Constantine:

Badger protesters rally outside Conservative conference

Protesters against the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire have been demonstrating outside the Conservative conference in Birmingham.

Delegates were greeted by calls for the culls to be abandoned. The subject is expected to be raised during a debate and fringe meeting on rural affairs tomorrow (Monday).

West MPs back government air strikes against Iraq

Just over a year after he lost a vote on military action against Syria, David Cameron was today appealing to MPs to support air strikes against Iraq. He said the Iraqi government had asked for help in targetting Islamic State extremists, who also posed a threat to this country.

West MPs who voted against the government last time said they would support action now.

Martin Horwood, Lib Dem MP for Cheltenham wants a statutory framework set out the circumstances in which parliament votes:

And Richard Graham, Conservative MP for Gloucester says he's backing the action after the Iraqi government asked for our help:

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UKIP Leader says they have strong support in the SW

Nigel Farage says he can win more seats in the South West Credit: PA

UKIP is holding its annual conference in Doncaster today and the party leader says he can win more seats in the West Country.

Nigel Farage says the party will be targeting resources on areas where it has the best chance of success in next year's general election. He says the European elections - when UKIP retained two MEPs in the region - showed there is strong support in the south west.


North Somerset MP wants to get tough on those who take a "jihad gap year"

As MPs debate whether to approve airstrikes against Iraqi militants, the former defence secretary and North Somerset MP Liam Fox, told the Commons today that British citizens who fight for the Islamic State extremists cannot expect to take a "jihad gap year" and not face prosecution.

Dr Fox called on political and religious leaders in Iraq and Syria to do more to explain that I.S. is what he called a "distortion of Islam":-

Charlotte Leslie criticises Bristol Mayor's parking plan

A controversial plan to end free parking on Bristol's Durdham Downs has been criticised by the area's MP.

Charlotte Leslie and two local councillors say Mayor George Ferguson's plan to remove 500 spaces will outrage residents and commuters who are already opposed to Residents' Parking Zones.

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