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Welfare cuts expected in summer Budget

£12 million in welfare cuts are expected to be announced in the Summer Budget Credit: John Stillwell/PA

The chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce £12 billion in welfare savings in his summer budget this lunchtime.

In the first all-Conservative Budget since 1996, Mr Osborne is expected to make cuts in benefits for social housing and tax credits, whilst raising tax allowances.


Charity takes steps to stop supporters being pestered

Olive Cooke received hundreds of letters from charities a month. Credit: SWNS

Children's charity Save The Children has unveiled new safeguards to ensure its supporters aren't aggressively targeted.

It comes in the wake of poppy seller Olive Cooke's death. As a regular donator, the pensioner from Bristol had previously complained of being pestered by letters and calls from charities, though her family have insisted the charities were not blame for her death.

There have been recent calls for 'Olive's Law', to protect the most vulnerable from receiving cold calls.

The body that regulates charity fundraising has begun an inquiry after claims that elderly and vulnerable people were being aggressively targeted for money.

Investigation into charity cold calling

92 year old Olive Cooke received 200 begging letters a month Credit: SWNS

UK charities could be breaking the law by calling the vulnerable and asking for money.

There are calls for 'Olive's Law' - to protect the most vulnerable from receiving cold calls. An undercover investigation carried out by a national newspaper claims the NSPCC, British Red Cross and Oxfam are all breaking the law by calling people on the Government's no-call register to ask for charitable donations. The charities will be investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Olive Cooke, Britain's longest-serving poppy seller, fell to her death at Avon Gorge in Bristol two months ago, aged 92. She was found to have had direct debits to 27 charities and had told friends that she was receiving up to 200 begging letters a month.

Save the Children are expected o become the first charity to ban cold calling.

Labour candidates for Mayor go head-to-head

Marvyn Rees at Bristol's first mayoral election, which was won by George Ferguson Credit: ITV News

Two Labour candidates will go head-to-head this evening as they bid to become the next Mayor of Bristol.

Councillor Mark Bradshaw is hoping to be selected for the mayoral race Credit: ITV News

Councillor Mark Bradshaw and Marvin Rees will address potential voters at Temple Meads station. Labour members will be able to vote in August on who they want to represent their party at next year's Mayoral election.

The West Country at Westminster: Lib Dem leadership debate special edition

Credit: ITV News

See Ian Axton grill the two Lib Dems battling to replace Nick Clegg in the wake of the party's spectacular collapse in the general election - Tim Farron and Norman Lamb.

Questions come in from Lib Dems around our region, but surely the main one is, where does the party go from here?


Bristol Assistant Mayor who opposed port sale sacked by email

George Ferguson and his cabinet in happier times. Mark Bradshaw is second from left in the back row. Credit: ITV News

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson has sacked Assistant Mayor Mark Bradshaw, who has opposed plans to sell off the council's stake in Avonmouth Docks.

Cllr Bradshaw says he received an email last night telling him there was "no longer a place for you in my cabinet".

The pair butted heads on Twitter, with the Mayor saying the sacking was nothing to do with the port, but that Bradshaw was using the cabinet to "play politics".

Ferguson said in a statement that Bradshaw chose to u-turn on the decision to sell the port, while Bradshaw said he had expressed concerns over the sale since discussions began.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, he implied the Mayor wanted to remove him because he hopes to run as Labour's mayoral candidate next year.

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