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Winterbourne promises neglected, says report

The former Winterbourne View care home in Hambrook, South Gloucestershire Credit: PA

Promises made after the Winterbourne View scandal have still not been met, according to an official report.

11 people were convicted for abusing residents at the South Gloucestershire care home in 2011.

As a result, ministers pledged to move people out of institutions and into the community by June this year but there has been little change.

We need to radically ramp up the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families. We need to ramp up community provision so that we can close institutions that hurt people rather than help them.

– Sir Stephen Bubb, report author

Ofsted: Somerset Children's Services 'inadequate'

Two of Somerset's Children's Centres were judged inadequate by Ofsted Credit: PA

Ofsted has published a damning report into the quality of children's services in Somerset.

The education watchdog says the county council is "not providing good enough support for its most vulnerable young people and families".

One third of the 39 places inspected were seen as less than good with six of them judged inadequate. Somerset county council says it will make urgent improvements.

We looked at provision for 13,500 children - that's the number of children whose lives are touched by those children's centres and both those centres were inadequate. So really quite shocking statistics in terms of the number of children who are not getting what they need.

– Bradley Simmons, Ofsted Regional Director


Opposition grows to Yeovil housing development

Plans for more than 700 homes on the edge of Yeovil are gaining opposition.

The site near Mudford is included in the district council's draft development plan for the next 14 years.

Villagers fear building the houses near Mudford will cause traffic problems and lead to flooding. A planning application is being processed and will be decided next year.

The West Country at Westminster

In this month's "The Westcountry at Westminster", Alastair Stewart is joined by Baroness Jolly from Cornwall, a Liberal Democrat peer and government whip in the House of Lords; Labour's Clare Moody who represents the South West as an MEP; and Rebecca Pow, a former journalist, who's hoping to take Taunton Deane for the Conservatives at the next General Election.

Up for discussion on the show - the Rochester by-election and what a UKIP win means for the other parties. Also, on a recent visit to Somerset Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg all but promised an improved transport infrastructure package for the South West. Business and council leaders want to see the A303 and A358 turned into dual carriageway. Plus, nearly one hundred years since the first female MP was elected, how have things changed for women in politics?

Only two arrested during this years' badger cull

Gloucestershire Police regard their reponse to the badger cull as a success Credit: PA

Gloucestershire Police are regarding their response to this years' badger cull as a success.

Operation Themis focussed on community policing as opposed to public order policing, like last year. Officers found that most people were co-operative and courteous because of this style of policing.

In 2013, the first year of the cull, 38 people were arrested. This year two were arrested and one was served a court summons.

We would like to thank everyone involved and directly affected by the badger cull for their help and understanding during what could be a very difficult time. Those directly involved or indirectly involved in the cull were helpful, co-operative and courteous to our officers. Their positive conduct was reflected by the fact that very few criminal incidents took place during the whole 6 week cull period.

– Assistant Chief Constable Richard Berry

Ed Miliband visits Swindon

Ed Miliband visits Tetronics International in Swindon Credit: ITV West Country/Bob Constantine

Labour leader Ed Miliband was in Swindon today where he hopes Labour can reclaim two seats at the next general election

He took a tour around Tetronics International which specialises in turning waste material into commercial products and is a big employer in the area.


Ed Miliband visiting Swindon today

Labour leader Ed Miliband will be visiting Wiltshire today as the party gears up for the general election in six months' time.

Mr Miliband will be visiting a waste recovery plant in Swindon, a town where Labour is keen to recover the two Parliamentary seats it lost at the last election.

The visit also coincides with voting in the Rochester and Strood by-election.

Ed Miliband MP Credit: PA

Wiltshire MP votes against his own wife

A Wiltshire MP says he's had some teasing by colleagues after voting not just against his own government - but against his own wife.

Duncan Hames, the Liberal Democrat MP for Chippenham, joined the opposition to defeat a move to delay changes in the way pub landlords can buy beer from other breweries. The measure was promoted by his wife, the small firms minister Jo Swinson - but Mr Hames denied she'd given him a ticking-off!

Chippenham MP votes against wife in Commons

Duncan Hames (right) at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in Glasgow. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Chippenham's Lib Dem MP Duncan Hames has voted not just against his own government - but against his own wife.

She is the small firms minister Jo Swinson. He was among rebels who defeated a measure she supported to restrict beer sales in tied pubs.

Jo Swinson MP. Credit: PA
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