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Pensioner camped out for princess misses her arrival

Terry Hutt outside St Mary's Hospital in London. Credit: ITV News West Country

A die-hard royalist pensioner who spent weeks outside a London hospital for the royal birth missed it - the news was announced while he was in the loo.

Terry Hutt from Weston-super-Mare slept on a bench, weathered the elements and even survived having his bed stolen so that he could be there for the arrival of Princes Charlotte.

But he popped to the bathroom just before the moment of truth - and heard the screams of celebration while changing into his Union Jack suit. He ran back outside, suit in hand, to join the rest of the crowd. The fortnight Terry Hutt spent out in the cold included his 80th birthday. And though he missed out on his hope of sharing a birthday with the princess (by just two days), he did get a chocolate cake and birthday note from Kensington Palace.

The proud monarchist will soon be returning the thought - Mr Hutt is already packing up a parcel to send the proud parents with gifts for the little princess.

His first job, though, is to get some sleep.

I needed to have a rest, so after two weeks on my bench I came back to my dear wife and family.

"Being there was like a full-time job. When Kate went into labour, it was so busy with cameras during the night and into the morning."

""I have known William and the family for years and I always get a thrill out of seeing the new babies.

"We need babies to keep the family going as the more of them there are, the better it will be."

– Terry Hutt

Prince Philip visiting Wiltshire

The Duke of Edinburgh became a great-grandfather for the fifth time on Saturday. Credit: Leon Neal/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Prince Philip is opening a specialist dementia care centre in Wiltshire today, his first solo engagement since becoming a great-grandfather for the fifth time.

The Hayward Care Centre in Devizes is named after Wiltshire war hero Reginald Hayward, who was awarded the Victoria Cross and served in both world wars. His regiment is now part of The Rifles, of which the Duke of Edinburgh is Colonel-in-Chief.

The centre, which is run by the Orders of St John Care Trust, will offer specialist care for 80 residents with dementia.


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William and Kate send pastries to fans awaiting new arrival

Prince William and Kate have sent pastries to their loyal fans who have braved the cold and camped outside the hospital where their second child is due to be born.

Terry Hutt and John Loughry enjoy their royal pastries Credit: ITV News

Loyal royal supporters, decked out in full Union flag regalia, have set up outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, where the royal couple are expected to make their first public appearance following the imminent birth of their second child.

Prince William and Kate sent pastries to their fans outside the hospital Credit: ITV News

Weston pensioner prepares for royal baby

Taking no chances: Terry Hutt outside St Mary's Hospital Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Royalist Terry Hutt is ready to spend as long as 12 days outside the London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth.

Mr Hutt, who is 79 and lives in Weston-super-Mare, previously spent 13 days on a bench outside the hospital in 2013 to greet the arrival of Prince George.

It's thought the Duchess could go into labour within the next fortnight and give birth at St Mary's Hospital. Mr Hutt is hoping the baby will arrive on April 30th - his 80th birthday.

Terry Hutt speaks about his preparations for the royal birth.


Prince Charles will open X-Ray unit at Tetbury Hospital

The Prince of Wales will visit Tetbury Hospital Credit: PA:Yui Mok

The Prince of Wales will visit Tetbury Hospital and will open the newly upgraded X-ray unit later today.

It's the first unit upgrade in over a decade and more than £100,000 has been spent improving the facilities.

Prince Charles is a patron of The Friends of Tetbury Hospital and it is his local hospital.

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Radio DJs' Kate hoax was illegal, Australian court rules

Australian radio presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian. Credit: Reuters

Two radio DJs broke the law when they prank-called a hospital caring for the Duchess of Cambridge, Australia's high court has ruled.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian were put through to a nurse at King Edward VII, who gave information about the Duchess' condition after being told the call was from the Queen and Prince Charles.

Indian-born Jacintha Saldana, 46, committed suicide three days later.

The decision in favour of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) came after a challenge by radio station 2Day FM, which argued that the watchdog did not have the authority to rule that the actions were illegal.

Following the high court ruling, the station could be fined or lose its licence.

Greig and Christian have since apologised for the prank, with Greig attending Saldana's inquest in London.

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