Parents Fight For School Places

Tens of thousands of parents across the region found out where their children will start their school life this week. But not everyone is happy.

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North Somerset Council received nearly 2300 applications for primary school places

North Somerset Council had 2286 applications for primary school places this September. They offered 94% of parents one of their 3 choices but about 120 miss out.

Our reporter, Richard Payne, is keeping across this story.

He's spoken to a head teacher of a local secondary school who told him he's happy to take primary classes in September but is prevented by lack of funding.

Lack of school places causes worries for parents

Primary school places - or lack of them - are causing big worries for parents.

Last week it was Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire today Weston-super-Mare.

Our reporter, Richard Payne, is meeting a dad whose son goes round the corner to pre-school but can't get a school place on the same site. Instead has an offer of a place 2 miles away.

He's also speaking to a head of a secondary school and sixth form who agreed to a primary school on site only to have offer later withdrawn.


Parents in Weston-Super-Mare unhappy with primary school choices

A group of parents from Somerset are vowing to fight their local authority over the choice of primary school given to their children. Some have been offered alternatives more than two miles away when they live within just 300 metres of their preferred school.

The problem seems to have arisen in Weston-Super-Mare because plans to create a new primary school didn't get funding at the last minute. It comes amid an admissions crisis across the UK as a baby boom and immigration put pressure on primary schools.


Primary school places offered today

86% of children in Bristol have secured their first choice school, up 4% on last year. A record number of families in Bristol will receive an offer of a primary school place today. But of the 5500 applicants, nearly 250 will not get any of their first three preferred choices.

  1. Richard Payne

Parents' anxious wait for primary school places

Tens of thousands of parents across the region are tonight facing an anxious wait to learn where their children will start their school life. Local authorities send out offers on primary school places tomorrow. Some parents won't get the news they want, as demand often outstrips supply.

Few places in the country face as much pressure as Bristol, where the city council has had to expand some schools to cope. Our Education Correspondent Richard Payne has been hearing from the teachers, parents and council leaders caught in the middle of a struggling system.

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