Army Rant Sentencing

Sentencing of a man who posted a grossly offensive message on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers - including five from the Warminster-based 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment

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by Richard Payne

A man who posted an abusive Facebook message against six dead Wiltshire-based soldIers has been given community service. Azhar Ahmed wrote the comment after they were killed in Afghanistan. The 20-year-old admitted posting the message, but said he didn't think it was offensive.


Facebook army rant man spared jail

Azhar Ahmed from West Yorkshire Credit: ITV News

A man who posted a Facebook message that said "all soldiers should die and go to hell" after six British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan was today spared jail.

Azhar Ahmed, 20, admitted posting the message two days after the deaths of the servicemen in March.

He was charged after the mother of one of the soldiers read the comments and was so upset she called the police.

Five of the soldiers were from the Warminster-based 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.