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Voting for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner takes place on Thursday. There'll be one for each of the five police forces across the south west.

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Wiltshire first to announce new Police & Crime Commissioner

Wiltshire has become the first force in the country to announce their new Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Conservative Angus Macpherson was elected.

Wiltshire was the only county to count and declare the election overnight. Avon & Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset forces are counting today.

Mr Macpherson, who has served as a councillor, won the first round of voting with 28,558 votes but it was not enough to secure selection and the count went to a second round.

In the second round of voting, Mr Macpherson won 35,319 votes ahead of Labour's Clare Moody, who obtained 21,157 votes.

Turnout was lower than expected though, with just 15 per cent of the electorate voting. Votes entered for Gloucestershire and Avon and Somerset will be counted later today.

PCC Elections - Gloucestershire

Elections are underway in the West to choose the first ever police and crime commissioners. So far we've met candidates from Wiltshire, Dorset and Avon and Somerset. Ken Goodwin reports from Gloucestershire on their four candidates.


PCC candidates prepare for election

We're all getting the chance to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner on Thursday.

There'll be one for each of the five police forces across the south west. Their job - to hold chief constables to account, set the forces budget and give us a greater say in cutting crime.

Wiltshire is the oldest police force in the country. There are six candidates standing for election and Rebecca Broxton's been to meet them.

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