New leads in Sian O'Callaghan murder inquiry

Police investigating the murder of Sian O'Callaghan in Wiltshire have found boots they think belonged to her as well as a gun. Search teams are investigating the area where they were found.

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Search for evidence will continue for a week

The search for evidence in the Sian O'Callaghan murder investigation will continue over the weekend and into next week.

Specialist search teams are carefully draining the pond in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, so that fingertip searches can take place of the silt at the bottom. This is a meticulous process, which involves officers from across Wiltshire and Avon and Somerset Police.

Seach continues in the Sian O'Callaghan murder investigation

Search continues where boots of murder victim found

Police are continuing with their search of remote farmland in wiltshire after boots of murder victim Sian O'Callaghan were found in a pond.

The police aren't saying what has led them to search this area, but they have also discovered women's clothing buried in woodland near the pond close to the village of Ramsbury.

Sian was killed in 2011 by minicab driver Chris Halliwell, who picked her up after she left a nightclub in swindon. He was jailed for life for her murder.


Police investigating murder case find clothes at pond

There have been further dramatic developments in the Sian O'Callaghan murder case. Today detectives began draining the pond at Ramsbury near Marlborough her boots were found last week.

Today, police say they've now found women's clothes on the site. Sian was murdered three years ago by minicab driver Christopher Halliwell. Detectives are investigating whether he's responsible for the murder of other young women. Ken Goodwin reports.

Pond where murdered Wiltshire woman's boots were found to be drained

Police found Sian O'Callaghan's boots in a pond in Ramsbury last week Credit: ITV West Country

The pond where the boots of murdered office worker Sian O'Callaghan were discovered is to be drained.

Sian was stabbed by Swindon minicab driver Chris Halliwell in March 2011. Her body was found in a roadside verge. But many of her belongings have never been found.

Police searching pond in Ramsbury where they found Sian O'Callaghan's boots Credit: ITV West Country

Detectives discovered her boots in a pond about eight miles away near Ramsbury in Wiltshire last week.

Sian's handbag, keys and phone have never been found. Neither has the knife. Police are investigating whether Halliwell killed other women from the area.

Police search uncovers Sian's boots and a shotgun

Detectives in Wiltshire have made a significant discovery in the Sian O'Callaghan murder case. They've been searching a remote rural location where they've recovered the boots she was wearing on the night she vanished.

The 22-year-old was murdered in 2011 by minicab driver Christopher Halliwell, and police believe he may have murdered others. Robert Murphy reports.


Shotgun found in Sian O'Callaghan search

Wiltshire Police have revealed that a single barrel shotgun had also been found in a pond being searched as part of a murder investigation.

Earlier two boots were retrieved from a pond at Ramsbury near Marlborough and were found to be the ones worn by Wiltshire murder victim Sian O'Callaghan when she went missing from a Swindon nightclub in 2011.

Minicab driver Christopher Halliwell is serving life for her murder.

Detectives are keeping an open mind as to why the gun would be in this location

Searches will continue over the weekend with fingertip searches and a specialist dive team from Avon and Somerset.

– Wiltshire Police spokeswoman

Miss O'Callaghan died from a single stab wound to the head. She was not shot. But detectives are investigating whether Halliwell is responsible for other murders of young women.

Police investigating Christopher Halliwell "open-minded" about more bodies

Christopher Halliwell pleaded guilty to murdering Sian O'Callaghan Credit: ITV News

Detectives investigating convicted killer Christopher Halliwell, who murdered Swindon office worker Sian O'Callaghan, are keeping an "open mind" as to whether he has killed more women.

The 50-year-old taxi driver is serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to murdering her in 2011.

Becky Godden disappeared from Swindon in 2001 Credit: ITV News

The father of three also admitted to killing Becky Godden, who had disappeared from Swindon a decade earlier, but that confession was ruled inadmissible by a judge.

Wiltshire Police have continued to investigate the murder of Miss Godden, who had drifted into drugs and prostitution, and have never given up hope of bringing her killer to justice.

Officers found her remains in a field in Eastleach, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, in March 2011 having been led there by Halliwell.

Last month they revealed they had found a bone at the Cotswold beauty spot, which belonged to Miss Godden.

This was one of the boots police discovered in a pond near Ramsbury Credit: ITV News

Now they have recovered the pair of brown New Look boots that 22-year-old Miss O'Callaghan was wearing when she was last seen alive leaving Suju's nightclub in Swindon three years ago.

Police have found a second boot belonging to murder victim Sian O'Callaghan

Detectives have found both missing boots belonging to Sian O'Callaghan Credit: ITV News

Police have found both missing boots belonging to murdered Sian O'Callaghan in a remote area of Wiltshire, near Marlborough.

The pond in the village of Ramsbury, has now been taped off by officers.

Sian disappeared after leaving a nightclub in Swindon in 2011. Taxi driver Christopher Halliwell was given a life sentence for her murder in 2012. But a number of Sian's belongings were never recovered, including her boots, her handbag and her mobile phone.

DCI Sean Memory believes the site near Ramsbury was where Sian was murdered.

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