Criticism of Environment Agency spending on flood work

A report has criticised how money is being spent on flooding projects by the Environment Agency. The National Audit Office say many schemes are only being maintained to a 'minimal level' because they only protect a few homes

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Environment Agency criticised over flood spending

A new report has criticised the amount of money being spent on some flooding projects by the Enviromment Agency.

According to the National Audit Office, many schemes are only being maintained to a 'minimal level' because they only protect a few homes.

The Agency has defended its record, insisting it is making record levels of investment.

Scars from dredging are visible on the River Parrett in Burrowbridge, Somerset. Credit: PA

MP's plea to government over flood prevention funding

The flooded Somerset Levels in February 2014 Credit: PA

Ian Liddell-Grainger says he intends to confront the Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, about a commitment to provide £3 million to set up a new Somerset Rivers Board, and to support a tidal barrage across the river Parrett at Bridgwater.

He says these are needed to prevent a repeat of last winter's flooding.

What I need is for the Secretary of State to say we will make absolutely sure you get the interim funding. We'll agree on the setting up and the start date, which I think is fairly non-contentious. But we will also make sure that that barrage, and funding, will be made available in the near future through the autumn statement.

– Ian LIDDELL-GRAINGER MP Con, Bridgwater & West Somerset


Somerset MP criticises minister over flood commitments

A Somerset MP has criticised the Environment Secretary for what he regards as a failure to promise money for further flood prevention work.

Ian Liddell-Grainger says he intends to confront Liz Truss about a commitment to provide £3 million to set up a new Somerset rivers board, and to support a tidal barrage across the River Parrett at Bridgwater.

Prime Minister David Cameron with Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger (right) during a visit to Goodings Farm in Fordgate, Somerset. Credit: PA

Environment Agency reassures people over dredging

The Environment Agency is hoping to reassure residents that the dredging work it has done so far will significantly reduce the risk of flooding but it can't be ruled out Credit: ITV News

The dredging of the Rivers Parrett and Tone on the Somerset Levels is now complete. The Environment Agency has been trying to reassure residents that it will be enough to prevent further flooding but says it cannot rule out the prospect.

It has revealed the following details:

8km of river was dredged at a cost of £6 million pounds. The silt removed in the operation was used to improve 250 acres of farmland.

Work has taken place at Dunball to ensure emergency pumps can be brought in at a moment's notice should they be required.

Options for increasing the capacity of the King's Sedgemoor drain are being considered. £8 million is available for the work

Bridgwater MP accuses Environment Secretary of 'gross insensitivity'

Ian Liddell-Grainger with David Cameron on a visit to see floods Credit: PA

Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell-Grainger has accused The Environment Secretary Liz Truss of gross insensitivity towards families whose homes were flooded on the Somerset Levels. Ms Truss is due in Stoke St Gregory near Taunton today to mark the end of dredging on the Rivers Parrett and Tone. But the Bridgwater MP is angry she's not visiting communities where families still haven't moved back into their homes.


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