Investigations after Swindon waste fire continue

Public hearings are likely to be held in Jan 2015 looking into the Swindon waste plant fire and how future incidents can be prevented and handled better.

The fire began at Averies Recycling in Marshgate in July and burned for eight weeks

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Fire crews at Averies Recycling, the Swindon waste plant which burned for eight weeks Credit: ITV News

Councillors in Swindon are to hold public hearings about the Averies Recycling fire, and how future incidents can be prevented from causing so much disruption.

The fire began at Averies Recycling in Marshgate in July and burned for eight weeks.

The council has set up a special task force to consider issues of planning, fire and rescue, the environment and medical care.

This will include evidence from experts and personal perspectives from members of the public. There will be at least four public meetings before any recommendations are made.

These are likely to start in January 2015, but this all depends on the publication of a report by the Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum, which met this week to discuss the fire.


Crews have extinguished Marshgate fire after eight weeks

Fire crews have put out the Marshgate fire after 8 weeks Credit: ITV West Country

A fire in Swindon that has been burning for eight weeks has been put out.

The fire at the Averies Recycling Centre in Marshgate, Swindon, has been fully extinguished following the successful implementation of a multi-agency plan.

Fire crews and the Environment Agency, who have maintained a 24-hour presence at the site since the 21 July, will leave tomorrow. Businesses and residents will be thanked for their cooperation. The Environment Agency will continue to monitor the situation.

Councillors call for enquiry into Marshgate fire

Councillors call for enquiry into Marshgate fire Credit: ITV West Country

Councillors in Swindon are calling for an inquiry into a fire at a waste plant in the town.

The fire at the Averies site has been burning for two months and it's still not known when it will be completely extinguished. Councillor Mark Dempsey said it was crucial to get answers and find out how the site got into the state it did.

Crews will be fighting Marshgate fire for several weeks longer

Fire crews have made 'significant progress' since tonnes of waste were removed from the site Credit: ITV West Country

Wiltshire Fire & Rescue say they can't predict how long they'll be tackling the fire still burning at Averies Recycling Centre in Swindon.

A spokesman has thanked local residents for their ongoing cooperation. The fire has been burning since July. Fire crews say they have made 'significant progress' in tackling the fire since the removal of thousands of tonnes of waste from the site.

The huge stack of burning material remaining on site is now being broken down so the waste can be spread and fully extinguished. Due to the scale of the blaze, this is an unavoidably time-consuming and laborious process. We appreciate the fire has been burning for many weeks and that local residents and businesses really want to see an end now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued great patience and understanding at this difficult time, and also to reassure them that good headway is being made. Unfortunately it is not possible to put a precise timescale on when the fire will be fully extinguished, as the length of time it takes crews to put out different parts of the stack inevitably varies. As stated previously, an operation of this nature is going to take several weeks and all efforts and resources are being deployed to bring it to a close as soon as possible so normality can resume. Thanks again for everyone’s ongoing support.

– John Popowicz, Area Manager, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue

"Aggressive tactics" being used to tackle rubbish fire

Fire crews tackling a blaze that's been smouldering for more than five weeks have today adopted what they call "more aggressive tactics" in an effort to put it out.

They've finally been able to get close to the source of the fire in a huge pile of rubbish at a recycling centre in Swindon.

But they warn the clouds of smoke which have been blighting the area could continue for weeks.

Bob Constantine reports:


New plan to extinguish fire at Swindon recycling centre

Firefighters in Swindon will tomorrow dump thousands of litres of water on a fire at a recycling centre in Swindon.

The fire at the Averies site has been burning for more than a month. Thousands of tonnes of waste has been removed from the centre, allowing Wiltshire fire crews to better tackle the blaze.

Residents and local businesses are being told that the work will almost certainly result in more smoke, similar to those experienced in the early days of the fire.

Thousands of tonnes of unburnt waste is removed in Swindon

Thousands of tonnes of unburnt waste is removed Credit: ITV News

Thousands of tonnes of unburnt waste is being removed from a recycling plant in Swindon that has now been burning for more than four weeks. It's hoped this will give crews space to tackle the fire at Averies in Marshgate more aggressively. The Environment Agency took control of the site after the owners failed to comply with orders to deal with the material.

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