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New cyclist sensors for Bristol buses

Buses in Bristol are to be fitted with new technology to try to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists.

The 'Cycle Eye' is a sensor and camera that tells the bus driver that a cyclist is nearby.

Bristol City Council is installing the devices which were tested last year on the Gloucester Road. The system has been designed and developed in the city by a Bristol-based company.

The sensors will alert the driver to cyclists they may not be able to see

Driverless cars trialled in South Gloucestershire and Bristol

Cars that are able to drive themselves are being tested in the West.

The trial is running in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with the aim to investigate whether driverless cars can reduce congestion and make roads safer.

The research will be carried out at the University of the West of England. This region is one of only 3 trials in the UK to be testing the technology.

We're looking to see what benefits there could be to society of introducing driverless vehicles, and we want to get peoples reactions, expectations, to see how they might use them and how it might affect their lives and how they choose to travel.

– Professor Graham Parkhurst, University of the West of England
Fancy a robot for a chauffeur?


Police support Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day will launch on Tuesday February 10

Avon and Somerset police are supporting an international initiative to keep children safe online.

It comes as figures show that 38% of young people have been affected by cyber bullying.

Safer Internet Day will be launched tomorrow. It will promote positive ways to use technology, and raise awareness about issues like online bullying and privacy.

The event aims to explore how parents and children can help create a better and safer online community.

NSPCC advert "I saw your willy" warns parents about the dangers of social media

Cameron Holder from Bristol is warning children to be careful about posting pictures online Credit: ITV News

The NSPCC is advising parents in the South West to be more aware of what sites their children visit when they're online.

Today it began its Share Aware campaign to get families talking about socialising safely on the internet. Cameron Holder, who's 16 and from Bristol, says children need to be especially careful about posting pictures.

"As soon as it's up, you might not be able to take it back down, and somebody can screengrab it, they can do anything with it. Something that's so private, can become public at the press of a button. I think you need to make sure that you think before you send."

£4.7 million for new aerospace centre at Filton

The Bristol Aero Collection Trust has been awarded £4.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to build a new aerospace centre at Filton Airfield. As well as being used as a museum, the centre will also provide a permanent home for Concorde 216 - the last plane of its kind to be assembled at the Filton site.

Concorde 216 arrives back at Filton after its last flight, 2003. Credit: PA


Prince Charles opens engineering festival in Stroud

Prince Charles samples a milkshake - part of a competition sponsored by Dairy Crest to interest local schoolchildren in creating new products Credit: ITV News
The Prince meets local schoolchildren at the Stroud Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering Credit: ITV News

The Prince of Wales has been out and about in his home county of Gloucestershire.

He met schoolchildren, business reps and organisers before opening Festomane, The Stroud Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering. It was founded in 2012 to promote Stroud's heritage and showcase local employment and training in the sector.

Prince Charles takes a close look at a school engineering project Credit: ITV News

Robotic hand pioneer wins international prize

Joel Gibbard holds hands with his robotic creation Credit: ITV News

Robotic hand creator Joel Gibbard from Bristol has won second place and a $200,000 prize in an international competition.

Joel, who studied at Plymouth University, has been able to print a prosthetic hand using a 3D printer. He hopes the technique will make prosthetics more affordable.

He had to pitch his idea to a panel of judges at Intel's Make it Wearable challenge.

It has been an awesome experience learning from business experts and the other teams. We're far more customer-focused now and the result is going to be a prosthetic that is perfectly suited to the needs of amputees. With the money we've now won we can complete the development of this device and get these hands on amputees.

– Joel Gibbard, Open Bionics

You can find out more about Joel and his robotic hand here.

Business Secretary backs high tech firms in Bristol

Vince Cable meets Leah Rider, who's just started on the graduate scheme at the National Composites Centre Credit: ITV News

The Business Secretary Vince Cable is on a visit to Bristol in which he is calling in at some of the most cutting edge firms in the region.

His first stop was to open a £28 million extension to the National Composites Centre at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. It conducts research into materials that can be used in industries including aerospace, motorsport, marine and satellite.

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