Army stages virtual battle

Soldiers have been taking part in a Call Of Duty-style experiment in Wiltshire

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High-speed internet coming to rural Gloucestershire

by Ken Goodwin

15,000 homes in Gloucestershire will be the first to benefit from high-speed internet in a new scheme being rolled out from the autumn. The £50 million project is a partnership between Gloucestershire County Council and BT.

Its aim is to get broadband out into rural areas, and to help businesses and people who want to work from home.


West Country (W)

Contest to design the next hit mobile app in Exeter

Could the next Angry Birds game be developed this weekend in Exeter?

Teams from universities throughout the West Country are taking part in a contest this weekend to create a new app for your mobile phone or tablet.

It's part of a worldwide challenge to find the next great use for mobile technology.

Richard Lawrence has been at Exeter University:

Full report: Soldiers' computer training is 'helping win the wars of tomorrow'

by Tamsin Eames

It looks like the ultimate war game and sounds like it too...

'Urban Warrior 5' is a £1m virtual training programme that soldiers have been taking part in at the Army's Land Warfare Centre in Warminster.

It involves using the latest computer software to create realistic combat scenarios. The Army says the simulations help it to decide the resources it needs to invest in for the conflicts of the future. Tamsin Eames reports.


Televisions and radios now back on air!

Electricity has been restored to a transmitter that was deliberately set on fire affecting the television and radio broadcasts to thousands of homes.

The fire service were called to the blaze at the site in Bathampton, near Bath just before 6am.

Crews extinguished the fire in three sheds at the site, but the damage caused a power cut resulting in a loss of broadcast services to around 80,000 homes in the area.

The transmitter - which also provides a mobile network service - is owned by Arqiva.

Engineers from the company had to switch off the power supply to the transmitter to assess the damage to the structure.

A spokesman said there was fire damage to multiple feeders, which carry the digital signals between the antenna and transmitter.

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