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A third of adults in the region drink too much

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV News

One in three adults in the West Country drink above the Government's recommended alcohol guidelines.

The survey, by Public Health Action, found many of these drinkers were unaware of the risks alcohol poses to health, including increased rates of obesity, heart disease and dementia.

"This is about all of us really. This is about people in professional jobs, parents who are starting to see alcohol creep up on them and it's becoming a routine and regular part of their life and their day".

– Kate Knight, Public Health Action


Warning issued over dangerous vodka bottles

An image of the vodka bottle label. Credit: North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council have issued a warning to the public about fake bottles of vodka being sold, which have been contaminated with anti-freeze.

The warning only applies to bottles with a label that reads 'Imperial No 1 Signature Vodka' in bold blue type on a white background.

The contaminated bottles are not marked with a manufacturer's name and address.

The advice from Trading Standards is "do not drink it, always walk away from alcohol that is not marked with a manufacturer's name and address."

Bristol's new mobile 'drunk tank' a first for the UK

A mobile treatment centre for people affected by alcohol after a night out opens in Bristol today.

Coinciding with the busy festive period, the state-of-the-art, 65-foot-long vehicle is the first of its kind in the country.

Paramedics will be able to treat people inside, reducing the pressure on hospital A&E departments.

A trial of the scheme in the city last December was praised for easing the strain on the emergency services.

Ken Wenman, Chief Executive of South Western Ambulance Service, expects the centre to have its hands full over Christmas.

Warning caffeine can mask effects of alcohol

The charity Alcohol Concern says young people don't realise the dangers of mixing alcohol with caffeine-based energy drinks.

It has spoken out after Jayde Dinsdale, a Yeovil student, suffered three heart attacks after drinking a number of Jagerbombs in one night. Experts say the caffeine in this sort of drink stops people realising how drunk they really are.

Bristol GP Dr Tom Frewin says caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol:


Gloucestershire crackdown on drink driving

More than 1 driver a day has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in the last week Credit: JOHN GILES/PA Archive/Press Association Images

11 drivers have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving in Gloucestershire in the last week.

It's part of a summer drink drive campaign which has seen nearly 30 people arrested so far. Officers hope to make motorists aware of how long alcohol can stay in your system.

To find out more about how long it takes alcohol to leave your body, visit or follow @Morning__After on Twitter.

Alcohol could be responsible for thousands of hospital admissions

Almost a thousand adults in Bristol took part in the study. Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A study held at Bristol Royal Infirmary has found alcohol may be involved in up to 640 thousand hospital admissions in England and Wales a year. Almost a thousand adults in Bristol took part in the study.

Around 1 in 5 patients said they had drunk up to 50 units of alcohol before coming in to the emergency department.

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